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Coffee, Tea & Smoothie Recipes

Whatever your beverage preferences are, evoke a Parisian café by making your own French coffee, tea, and smoothie recipes. Enjoy a café au lait with your morning paper, sip espresso after a romantic late night date, or give your afternoon an energy boost with the latest French trend, smoothies.

Blackberry and Blueberry Smoothie Recipe
This blackberry and blueberry smoothie recipe features blackberries, blueberries, milk, and honey. Blackberry blueberry smoothie recipe.

Cafe Allonge Recipe
This cafe allonge recipe features espresso weakened with just a little extra water.

Café Anise Recipe
This cafe anise recipe features strong espresso and an anise-flavored syrup created in the French countryside.

Cafe Au Lait Recipe
This mellow cafe au lait recipe features milk and coffee. It is a popular choice in French cafes.

Cafe Bonbon Recipe
This sweet cafe bonbon recipe tastes just like chocolate and mint candy.

Cafe Brulot Recipe
This café brulot recipe features cinnamon, cloves, citrus zest, brandy, and coffee. Coffee with spiced brandy.

Café Calva Recipe
Be a French local and order a steaming café Calva at the sidewalk café. This recipe is made with hot coffee and Calvados apple brandy. French coffee with Calvados recipe.

Cafe Creme Recipe
This cafe creme recipe is simply a cup of coffee rich with cream; the ultimate French indulgence.

Cafe Helene Recipe
This cafe Helene recipe features the addition of sweet brandy and a touch of sugar in brewed espresso.

Cafe Napoleon Recipe
This cafe Napoleon recipe features a shot of Cognac. It adds fantastic warmth to a steaming mug of cappuccino.

Cafe Noisette Recipe
This cafe noisette recipe features espresso with a touch of cream. It is strong enough to invigorate and smooth enough to comfort.

Cafe Royale Recipe
This cafe royale recipe features orange triple sec mixed with creamy cappuccino to create a warm, cozy drink.

Cinnamon Tea Recipe
This cinnamon tea recipe is a classic herbal beverage in France. French tea with cinnamon.

Espresso Recipe
Learn how to make a dark, heady cup of plain espresso with this French espresso recipe.

Fig and Honey Smoothie Recipe
This fig and honey smoothie recipe features fresh figs, yogurt, and honey. Fig honey smoothie recipe.

Fruity Summer Drinks
These non-alcoholic fruity summer drinks feature peaches, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, and other seasonal fruits. Summer drink recipes.

How to Taste Coffee
Find out how to taste coffee, for culinary enrichment or to host a party. Guide to coffee tasting.

Iced Cafe Mocha Noisette Recipe
This iced cafe mocha noisette recipe features a small amount of smooth cream and a touch of chocolate.

Mulled Apple Cider Recipe
This mulled apple cider recipe features orange zest, cinnamon, sweet spices, and cranberries. Spiced cider recipe.

Raspberry Chocolat Chaud Recipe
This raspberry hot chocolate recipe features chopped chocolate, hot milk and cream, and a little splash of raspberry liqueur or extract. Raspberry hot chocolate recipe.

Red Berry Water Recipe
This red berry water recipe features fresh mixed berries, water, and ice. Red berry spa water recipe.

Strawberry Peach Smoothie Recipe
This strawberry peach smoothie recipe features peaches, strawberries, and juice. Peach berry smoothies.

Strawberry Water Recipe
This strawberry water recipe features fresh strawberries, or mixed berries, water, and ice. Strawberry spa water.

Watermelon Smoothie Recipe
This watermelon smoothie recipe features watermelon, lime juice, and a touch of salt. Watermelon lime smoothie recipe.

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