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French Christmas Cookie Recipes


Celebrate the winter holidays with this French Christmas cookie recipe collection including sables, madeleines, palmiers, macarons, icebox and waffle cookies. The recipes include all the traditional aromas and flavors of the holiday season, so you can mix and match for a delectable cookie platter.

1. Chocolate Meringue Cookies Recipe

David MacKenzie
This chocolate meringue cookies recipe produces light as air treats with a delicately crisp exterior. They are also known by a whimsical name, forgotten cookies, because they are placed in a hot oven and then "forgotten" overnight until they are done.

2. Cinnamon Palmiers Recipe

When one thinks of palmiers, the tiny scroll-like pastries, sweet and flaky cookies come to mind. These cinnamon palmiers are just that: warm and buttery, with a touch of comforting, caramelized cinnamon. You can whip up these treats ultra-fast, so they're perfect for last-minute gatherings or an untamed sweet tooth

3. Gaulettes Cookie Recipe

Vera Yu and David Li
This gaulettes recipe, also known as gullets, is a favorite Christmas delicacy in many communities with Belgian ties. As a child, no holiday was complete until one put in the requisite elbow-grease to stir the remainder of the flour into the already impossibly stiff dough. The result? Heartwarmingly fragrant, chewy waffle cookies full of vanilla and heavy brown sugar notes.

4. Honey Sesame Cookies Recipe

Xavi Talleda
This honey sesame cookies recipe from Corsica most likely originated in Turkey centuries ago, since it is essentially the same as the Turkish barazek. A coating of honey-dipped, toasted sesame seeds is what gives these delicious cookies their special kick.

5. Madeleines Recipe

Yoshihide Nomura
Madeleines are plump, little sponge cakes traditionally flavored with just vanilla. These have a small bit of orange zest in them for added warmth and aroma.

6. Gaufrettes Recipe

Paul DeLuca
This gaufrettes recipe makes delicately crisp waffles that can be served fresh from the iron, like cookies, or shaped into delicious little cones while the waffle is still warm and pliable. Lightly touched with traditional vanilla, gaufrettes can be made into creative accompaniments to ice cream or sandwiched together with a bit of thick caramel and served with cafe au lait or tea.

7. Chocolate Spice Crisps Recipe

Rebecca Franklin
A single bite of this chocolate spice crisps recipe will have you thinking they taste just like a mug of hot chocolate in a cookie. Dusted with granulated sugar before baking, the thin, delicate cookies have an elegant frosted appearance, perfect for winter holiday parties.

8. Almond Macarons Recipe

James Long
This almond macarons recipe is the most basic version of the classic biscuit. Crisp on the outside, and chewy-moist on the interior, these treats need no filling to be absolutely delicious.

9. Vanilla Sables Recipe

Flickr user bloggyboulga
This is the basic, classic version of the sables cookie recipe. It can be varied in so many ways, from adding a flavored cream filling to spicing the batter. Make your own signature sable recipe or enjoy it the traditional way - as comforting vanilla sables.

10. Ginger Cookies Recipe

Janet Hudson
This candied ginger cookies recipe features a delicately crunchy butter cookie dough studded with a generous amount of zesty candied ginger. They are an icebox ginger cookie, which means the flavor will develop nicely as they chill - for up to 3 days - and they make the kitchen smell heavenly for guests in just a few minutes time. It's the perfect holiday cookie!
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