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Crepe recipes from the French, French Canadian, Cajun, and Creole cuisines. Learn how to make delicious homemade crepes in your own kitchen. Dessert crepes and crepe batter recipes.

Almond Coffee Crepes Recipe
This almond coffee crepes recipe, featuring a touch of cream and rum, is a sophisticated version of a classic French dessert. Crepes with almonds and coffee.

Apricot and Cheese Crepes Recipe
This apricot and cheese crepes recipe features apricot preserves and Neufchâtel cheese. Crepes with apricots recipe.

Basic Crepes Recipe
This basic crepes recipe is a delicious, versatile French dessert tradition. French crepe batter.

Chocolate Crepes Recipe
Try this chocolate crepes recipe for a classic French dessert. Crepe batter with chocolate.

Chocolate Grand Marnier Crepes Recipe
This chocolate Grand Marnier crepes recipe is wonderful filled with pastry cream and fresh fruit. Crepe batter with chocolate and Grand Marnier.

Crepes Belle Helene Recipe
This Crepes Belle Helene recipe features fresh pears, chocolate, and ice cream. Crepes with pears and chocolate.

Crepes Suzette Recipe
This easy crepes Suzette recipe features orange crepes with a buttery orange sauce. Original crepes suzette recipe.

Crepes with Nectarines and Strawberries Recipe
This easy Crepes with Nectarines and Strawberries recipe features orange crepes with strawberries and nectarines.

Crepes with Salted Butter Caramel Recipe
This crepes with salted butter caramel recipe features easy crepes filled with homemade salted butter caramel. Salted butter caramel crepes recipe.

Cinnamon Orange Crepes Recipe
This cinnamon orange crepes recipe is warmly spicy and comforting. French crepe batter with orange and cinnamon.

Easy Crepes Suzette Recipe
This easy crepes Suzette recipe features orange crepes with a no-flamb orange sauce. No flambe crepes suzette recipe.

French Canadian Crepes Recipe
This basic French Canadian crepes recipe make very thin pancakes that can be filled with versatile ingredients. They are traditionally served as a dessert. Basic crepe recipe from Canada. French crepe batter.

Gingerbread Crepes Recipe
This gingerbread crepes recipe is warmly spicy and comforting; perfect with coffee or tea. Gingerbread crepe batter.

Lemon Crepes Recipe
This lemon crepes recipe tastes wonderful stuffed with fresh fruit. Crepe batter with lemon.

Orange Crepes Recipe
This orange crepes recipe is especially refreshing with berries. Crepe batter with orange.

Maple Banana Crepes Recipe
This banana maple crepes recipe features bananas, maple syrup, walnuts, and vanilla ice cream. Crepes with bananas and maple.

Spiced Chocolate Crepes Recipe
This spiced chocolate crepes recipe is a unique version of classic French chocolate crepes. Crepe batter with chocolate and spice.

Toasted Oatmeal Apple Crepes Recipe
This toasted oatmeal apple crepes recipe features sautéed apples, fresh crepes, and toasted oatmeal. Oatmeal apple crepes.

Vanilla Cognac Crepes Recipe
This vanilla Cognac crepes recipe is fantastic with warm caramelized fruit and a sprinkle of toasted nuts. Crepe batter with vanilla and Cognac.

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