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Tartine Recipes

Tartine recipes. A tartine is traditionally an open-faced sandwich, but today the term "tartine" is often used to describe any French sandwich preparation. There are countless variations of tartine recipes using different meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

Apple and Sage Croque Monsieur Recipe
This apple and sage Croque Monsieur is a delicious variation on the original French recipe. It features sweet-tart apples, herb mayonnaise, melted cheese, and hot ham sandwiched between two buttery, crisp pieces of bread. Hot apple, cheese, and ham sandwich.

Croque Madame Recipe
The Croque Madame is an easy to make, crunchy cheese sandwich with an egg and Bchamel sauce on top. French hot ham and cheese sandwich with fried egg.

Croque Provencal Recipe
This Croque Provencal, featuring herbed mayonnaise, tomatoes, and Raclette cheese, is full of flavor. French hot ham, cheese, and tomato sandwich.

Croque Tartiflette Recipe
Croque Tartiflette is an easy to make recipe that satisfies comfort food cravings. Just like the famous Tartiflette casserole, this sandwich includes a creamy Béchamel sauce, melted Reblochon cheese, and sliced potatoes in a crunchy, buttery sandwich. Hot ham, cheese, and potato sandwich.

Heirloom Tomato Tartine Recipe
This heirloom tomato tartine recipe features fresh heirloom tomatoes and country bread. Heirloom tomato tartines.

Jambon Beurre - Ham Butter Sandwich
This jambon buerre recipe features a baguette, jambon, and butter. Ham butter sandwich.

Traditional Croque Monsieur Recipe
This traditional Croque Monsieur recipe makes a basic French, hot ham and cheese sandwich. This is the original, early 1900s version.

Tuna Nicoise Tartine Recipe
This tuna Nicoise recipe features tuna, aioli, Nicoise olives, and hardboiled eggs. Tuna salad sandwiches with eggs.

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