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Apple Dessert Recipes


No blustery autumn day is complete without a taste of sweet, orchard-fresh apples. Whether you make hot, spiced apple cider or a full-blown apple tart with homemade pastry, these wholesome apple dessert recipes will fill your home with the irresistible, warm aromas of fall and satisfy your sweet tooth with homespun goodness.

Caramelized Apples Recipe

Crystal Woroniuk
These caramelized apples are meant to be slightly sweet, not overpowering and sugary, so they’re versatile in nature. Spicy-tart and thoroughly warming, these apples are a fabulous addition to crepes or homemade ice cream. They’re equally at home as an unexpected garnish for mildly spicy grilled chicken or a tropical menu from Martinique. For a delicious “cheater” dessert, fill a store-bought tart shell with these apples. With the homemade goodness of the apples and apple cider reduction sauce, nobody will guess your secret!

Apple Tartlet Recipe

Flickr user c3lsius_bb
This deliciously spiced apple tartlet recipe is a quick and easy treat to make when you're in a rush. They taste best when eaten within a few hours of being made. For the coziest indulgence, take a warm-from-the-oven apple tartlet, dust it with a bit of powdered sugar, and serve it with a petite scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Spiced Fruit over Pound Cake Recipe

Tom Check
Desserts that are quick and easy to make, as well as being truly special seem few and far between. This spiced fruit over pound cake recipe satisfies a number of cravings. Sautéed fruit, either apples or pears, comes together quickly and tastes just like a handmade tart with a touch of spice. Add rich, buttery pound cake and a generous finish of lightly sweetened whipped cream to make the ultimate dessert: a not-too-sweet study in textures, flavors, and aromas sure to please all your guests.

Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe

Flickr user Not a Hipster
This cinnamon applesauce recipe is redolent with citrus zest, vanilla notes, and just the right amount of warm cinnamon spice. The secret, unexpected ingredient is a small dollop of apricot preserves; it enhances the ingredients to rustic perfection, without being overly discernable. This spiced applesauce can be used as a base for a classic French apple tart or as a simple accompaniment to ham or roasted poultry.

Spiced Apple Cider Sorbet Recipe

Flickr user puamelia
This spiced apple cider sorbet recipe is icy-cold and full of warmth, all at once. Perfect for an after-dinner sweet on a chilly evening, this cider sorbet is incredibly easy to make. Use store-bought apple cider and spiced apple butter for ease year-round, but be sure to spring for the farm-stand ingredients when they are in season!

Wine Poached Apple Charlotte Recipe

Flickr user Voedingscentrum
For an effortlessly impressive dessert, make this delicious wine poached apple charlotte. The compliments you'll receive on this delicacy will be so rewarding, given the short active preparation time and elegant appearance of this recipe. What's not to love? Homemade pastry cream fills a vanilla charlotte embellished with spiced, poached apples.

Apple Tarte Tatin Recipe

©Sonja Pieper
Adding a touch of lemon zest and spice really perks up this classically delicious apple tarte Tatin recipe. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or Chantilly cream to the dessert for a rich after-dinner treat.

Apple Cider Pound Cake Recipe

Ann Larie Valentine
Take one bite of this apple cider pound cake recipe and you'll be transported to the orchard country of Quebec. This deliciously spiced quatre quarts cake was inspired by a drive on La Route des Cidres, in Quebec's Monteregie region, which is dotted with apple orchards, cider houses, and picturesque inns. Serve this tender cider cake with a latte for a mellow, effortless snack.

Mulled Apple Cider Recipe

©Rebecca Franklin, Licensed to About.com
This mulled apple cider recipe is a great for chilly days, or just when you’re craving a soothing, hot beverage.

Sautéed Apples Recipe

©Rebecca Franklin
A dish of sautéed apples splashed with Calvados is a quintessential dessert served at French farmhouses. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or Chantilly cream for a rustic after-dinner treat.
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