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Holiday Sauce and Jam Recipes

Cozy Harvest Recipes


These harvest preserves and sauce recipes will fill the bill whether you're looking for something to spice up the traditional roast turkey holiday dinner or want something cozy and seasonal for your breakfast toast. These holiday sauce and jam recipes are deliciously heartwarming and make attractive homemade gifts. From a Thanksgiving side dish to a Christmas morning eye-opener, your new culinary tradition is sure to be on this list.

Apple Pie Jam Recipe

Erich Ferdinand
This apple pie jam recipe makes the characteristically unfussy, yet gourmet sweet typical of food in Quebec. Spread it onto a slice of toasted baguette for a cozy breakfast or serve it with a selection of sharp cheeses and crackers for an informal cheese course.

Countryside Pear Jam Recipe

Amanda Slater
The absolute simplicity of this four-ingredient countryside pear jam recipe is only a side benefit. The star of this jam is the sparkling clear flavor of fresh pears, accented with just the tiniest dusting of cinnamon and cloves. These pear preserves are a classical, French confiture; they require no pectin, only sugar, to thicken into a hearty confection.

Cherry Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Flickr user veganbaking.net
This easy cherry cranberry sauce recipe has a wonderfully fresh and vivid berry flavor. Try it warm over roast poultry or duck for a delicious entree. For an easy, healthy breakfast, layer chilled cranberry cherry relish with yogurt or spread it onto multigrain toast.

Fresh Fig Spread Recipe

Flickr user norwichnuts
This easy fresh fig spread recipe is marvelous with goat cheese and baguettes or layered into granola bars. Another creative way to serve this refrigerator fig jam is to mix a few chopped almonds into it and spoon it over yogurt for a quick, healthful breakfast or snack.

Cinnamon Apricot Applesauce Recipe

Flickr user Not a Hipster
This cinnamon applesauce recipe is redolent with citrus zest, vanilla notes, and just the right amount of warm cinnamon spice. The secret, unexpected ingredient is a small dollop of apricot preserves; it enhances the ingredients to rustic perfection, without being overly discernable. This spiced applesauce can be used as a base for a classic French apple tart or as a simple accompaniment to ham or roasted poultry.

Gingered Pear Preserves Recipe

Flickr user theogeo
Pears and bright, lemony-spicy ginger are a perfect flavor match. This gingered pear preserves recipe uses two types of ginger - fresh and crystallized - to add complexity and depth to the finished product. Jars of this mildly spiced preserve are a perfect gift during cold winter holidays and wonderful for cool autumn breakfasts.
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