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Discover French cuisine at its most delicious. Find answers to commonly asked questions, explore regional specialties, French recipes, and food. Read about local festivals and holidays in France.
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An Introduction to French Food and French Cooking
Learn the background and ingredients of the French kitchen.

Basics of French Cooking
Learn the key methods to cooking like an authentic French chef.

Courses of a French Meal
Learn about the different foods and courses of a traditional French meal.

Myths About French Food
Learn the facts behind common myths about French food. French food myths.

5 Reasons to Avoid Foie Gras
Explore the reasons to avoid foie gras, from risking disease to fat and calorie content. Is eating foie gras unhealthy?

3 Reasons to Love Foie Gras
Explore the reasons to love foie gras. Is eating foie gras good for you?

Early Autumn Soup Recipes
These early autumn soup recipes feature late summer and early fall produce.

Early Summer CSA Recipes
These early summer CSA recipes feature salads, main dishes, tartines, and desserts. French summer produce recipes.

Famous Julia Child Recipes
These famous Julia Child recipes are how much of the culinary world was introduced to French food. Favorite Julia Chilc recipes.

Fast Fixes for June Produce
Try these fast fixes for June produce the next time your garden is overflowing with crops.

Fast Fixes for July Produce
Try these fast fixes for July produce the next time your garden is overflowing with crops.

French Autumn Recipes
Cook up the perfect seasonal menu with these French autumn recipes, featuring vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, seafood, and desserts. Seasonal French recipes.

French Club Bake Sale Recipes
Use these French Club bake sale recipes and ideas for your next fundraiser. French Club bake sale ideas.

French Food and Wine Pairing for Beginners
Learn the basics of French food and wine pairing for beginners. Food and wine pairing.

French Recipes For Cold Weather
Warm up with these savory, cold-weather French recipes. Dishes like onion tart, steamy soups, and slow-cooked stews and casseroles are soothing and perfect for the season.

French Spring Recipes
Cook up the perfect menu with these French spring recipes, featuring vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, poultry, and desserts. Seasonal French recipes.

French Street Foods
Enjoy authentic French street foods in your own home kitchen with these recipes.

Healthy Recipes for Fall
These healthy recipes for fall are full of seasonal produce and lean protein.

History of French Food
Learn how political and social upheavals shaped the history of French food.

Monteregie Cider Route Recipes
This culinary tour of Quebec was inspired by a drive on the beautiful Monteregie cider route, south of Montreal. La Route des Cidres, which is dotted with orchards, cider houses, picturesque inns, and quaint sugar shacks, stirs thoughts of aromatic apple dishes and sugary maple treats.

Orchard Recipes
Enjoy these heartwarming, seasonal recipes on a chilly evening. Part of the pleasure in cooking these straight-from-the-orchard autumn fruit dishes is the wonderful, cozy aromas they create as they bake away in your kitchen.

Pumpkin Shortage 2011
Learn how the pumpkin shortage unfolded, what inspired pumpkin hoarding, and find out if it will continue. Pumpkin shortage 2011.

Spring Greens: Fresh Recipes
These spring greens recipes feature the freshest of the seasonal produce, such as peas, herbs, lettuce, asparagus, and beans. Seasonal Recipes with Green Spring Vegetables

Spring Recipes for Entertaining

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If you are a food writer or blogger and maintain or contribute to a French food blog, list it and tell us about it here. French food blogroll. See submissions

Traditional French Palate Cleansers
Learn about traditional French palate cleansers. Sorbet, along with other foods and beverages, can be used as a refreshing break between courses during a meal. Trou Normand. Norman break.

Winter Dessert Recipes
These winter dessert recipes are full of seasonal ingredients for the colder months of the year.

Winter Tea House Recipes
A salon de the, a casual tea house that also serves meals, is a wonderful place to visit year-round, but it takes on a special charming quality in the winter months. Learn about the recipes commonly served in French tea houses and make them in your own kitchen.

Fast Fixes for Early Summer Produce
Try these fast fixes for early summer produce the next time your garden is overflowing with crops. Early summer produce ideas.

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