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Winter Tea House Recipes

Cook Up a French Tradition


Winter Tea House Recipes

Salon de The

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A salon de the, a casual tea house that also serves meals, is a wonderful place to visit year-round, but it takes on a special charming quality in the cold weather months. Traditionally adjoining patisseries, they have pleasant, clean environments and scrumptious, fresh desserts. In the autumn and winter months, one can find exceptional holiday meals and traditional regional dishes on the menu.

Spend an hour or two in one of these cozy establishments; you will find a quiet respite from a busy day, fast courteous service from a limited, but delicious menu, and a bag of patisserie treats to take home.

Hors D’ouvres Recipes and Light Dishes

Light suppers are very common in French teahouses. One might order a savory tart and salad for a full meal. Here is a selection of what can be found on winter menus.

Soup Recipes

These soups can be paired with something heavier for a complete meal or accompanied with a baguette for the lighter appetite.

Main Dish Recipes

Main dishes are a bit heavier and heartier this time of year. These selections will warm you inside and out.

Dessert and Recipes

What would a teahouse be without sweets? Most of these desserts can be found on nearly every teahouse menu in the winter.

Hot Beverage Recipes

Warm up with these coffee and tea beverages. If you crave a change, try hot chocolate or steamy, spiced cider.

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