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Autumn Sorbet Recipes

Unique Ways to Use the Fall Harvest


Add these fantastic autumn sorbet recipes to your next seasonal menu. This autumn sorbet recipe collection makes the most of the fall harvest, with sorbets ranging from the classic apple and pear sorbets to the more exotic and unexpected fig and beet ices.

Apple and Calvados Sorbet Recipe

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Bracing Calvados and tart hints of lemon make a fantastic sorbet recipe to serve at dinner parties and special occasions. Serve it as a light dessert or as an unexpected palate cleanser between courses. It is especially welcome in Brittany and Normandy regional menus.

Beet Sorbet Recipe

Stuart Spivack
For a sophisticated twist on a dinner party classic, try serving this fresh beet sorbet recipe. This version is sweet, with a light hint of apples, so it's perfect for an amuse bouche or a lovely dessert. Experiment with different varieties of red and golden heirloom beets to create the ideal, dramatic presentation.

Cardamom Pear Sorbet Recipe

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Eau-de-vie de poire, or pear brandy, serves two purposes in this recipe. It adds a lovely accent of complex flavor to the sorbet, and the alcohol in it prevents the mixture from hardening into an ice block.

Fig Sorbet Recipe

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Fresh figs and a touch of lemon juice make up this easy, elegant fig sorbet recipe. The refreshing, slightly warm notes from the figs gives delicious flavor contrast to this icy treat. Make sure to leave some of the crunchy fig seeds intact for the best texture.

Grape Sorbet Recipe

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This grape sorbet is from a special heritage recipe that dates back to my great-grandfather's gardening days in the 1950s. There was always a bowl of his fresh grapes on the table during summer, but when the nights started getting cold, the grapes on the vine became a bit soft. Always frugal, he came up with his own version of a sorbet, so he could use every last grape.

Pear Nutmeg Sorbet Recipe

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Most people either love pears or they hate them. Try this refreshing, lightly flavored pear nutmeg sorbet recipe, even if you fall into the latter group. The slightly gritty, granular texture of the pears is softened by simmering them; the freezing process only serves to make them almost velvety smooth.

Pomegranate Cranberry Sorbet Recipe

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This refreshingly tart pomegranate cranberry sorbet recipe makes a perfect accent to any meal. Serve it as a light dessert or as an unexpected palate cleanser between courses.

Spiced Apple Cider Sorbet Recipe

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This spiced apple cider sorbet recipe is icy-cold and full of warmth, all at once. Perfect for an after-dinner sweet on a chilly evening, this cider sorbet is incredibly easy to make. Use store-bought apple cider and spiced apple butter for ease year-round, but be sure to spring for the farm-stand ingredients when they are in season!

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