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Classic French Dishes


Once you have mastered basic French recipes, introduce these classic dishes and techniques to your kitchen. Most of them take a bit of experience in the kitchen and are more elaborate than simple fare. As many epicureans will tell you, it is well worth the extra time and effort.
  1. Appetizer Recipes
  2. Salad Recipes
  3. Soup and Stew Recipes
  4. Side Dish Recipes
  5. Main Dish Recipes
  1. Dessert Recipes
  2. Bread and Pastry Recipes
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Appetizer Recipes

Traditional appetizers – or hors d’oeuvres – are a great way to start an elegant dinner party. These recipes are little bites of haute cuisine. Once you get accustomed to them, the sky’s the limit, because appetizers so wonderfully adapt to culinary creativity.

Salad Recipes

Salad recipes are customarily simple fare, usually involving nothing more than chopped vegetables or fruit tossed with a simply prepared dressing or sauce. These recipes take salads a step beyond that and incorporate more exotic ingredients and a bit more preparation.

Soup and Stew Recipes

Soup is an incredible respite in the middle of an elaborate, multi-course meal. It forces you to truly slow down and savor each spoonful. Enhance that experience with one of these classic soup or stew recipes.

Side Dish Recipes

Side dishes, also known as garnishes, are an important part of a French meal. They are meant to complement and enhance an entrée. These garnishes are not to be heaped, American-style, on a plate, but used as a delicate decoration.

Main Dish Recipes

These main dish recipes, or entrées, are for the experienced cook. They take a bit of extra time, but the traditional French flare is worth the effort.

Dessert Recipes

Traditional French desserts are sometimes elaborate in preparation and always a fantastic culinary feat. Try one of these recipes the next time you’re looking to impress your guests.

Bread and Pastry Recipes

Pastry and bread are always on the French table. Learn how to master these classic recipes.


Fine wine is a popular topic in French cuisine. Learn more about French varietals, wine guides, tours, and recipes to try at home.


Once you’re learned how to cook intermediate to advanced French recipe, you’ll want to show them off. Use these sample menus as inspiration for your own party.

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