1. Food
French cuisine offers a rich experience that ranges from simple, rustic country dishes to elaborate gastronomic feats. Based in a complex history of cultural influences and a wide array of ingredients, it is limited only by the imagination of the cook preparing it. With basic cooking techniques and a little practice, you can begin enjoying authentic French cuisine in your own kitchen in no time!
  1. History and Background
  2. Cooking Basics
  3. Healthy Diet
  4. Holiday Recipes and Traditions

History and Background

The French kitchen has a precise order to it that has evolved over centuries of ethnic, cultural, and political influences. Learn the basic history and philosophies behind the structure and art of modern French cuisine.

Cooking Basics

Learn the basic cooking techniques and traditions of the French kitchen. Tutorials on French food will guide you as you learn how to master French recipes in your kitchen.

Healthy Diet

The French have great cardiovascular health and stay slender despite rich foods and lavish meals. Find out how you can celebrate and stay in shape with traditional French food and special menus.

Holiday Recipes and Traditions

Special occasions are a large part of French cuisine. Learn the backgrounds and recipes of French festivals and holidays.

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