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Alternatives to Turkey

Easy turkey alternative recipes


There are delectable and easy alternatives to the traditional roast turkey typically served at holiday meals. Options range from beef to vegetarian to duck dishes. Make your holiday meal a special one by preparing a universally pleasing menu with these delicious turkey alternative recipes.

These are our most popular turkey alternatives, some far more in demand than the great bird itself during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Chateaubriand Recipe

Kok Robin
Chateaubriand is a juicy-on-the-inside, seared and roasted beef tenderloin with wine sauce frequently ordered for a table of two at French restaurants. This chateaubriand recipe is the traditional version of the restaurant favorite, seasoned very simply, roasted to perfection, and then sliced on the diagonal.

Chateau Potatoes Recipe

Thomas Claveirole
Crispy around the edges and buttery rich, this chateau potatoes recipe is fantastic with any roasted meat or poultry dish. Traditionally cut into ovals, chateau potatoes taste just as delicious cut into slices and sautéed in butter and seasoned with parsley.

Honey Lacquered Duck Breast Recipe

Flickr user snowpea&bokchoi
This tempting honey lacquered duck breast recipe is fantastically easy to prepare and creates such a beautiful showpiece entrée for guests. Serve the duck with honey glaze beside colorful steamed vegetables and a rich gratin to create a full, special occasion meal.

Duck a l'Orange Recipe

©Jay Tong
French cuisine made its debut in America thanks in part to this famous duck a l'orange recipe for seared duck breast glazed with sweet orange sauce. This sophisticated dish is a wonderful addition to party menus and romantic dinners. The easy sauce can be prepared ahead of time and the duck seared right before serving.

Cherry Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Flickr user veganbaking.net
This easy cherry cranberry sauce recipe has a wonderfully fresh and vivid berry flavor. Try it warm over roast poultry or duck for a delicious entree. For an easy, healthy breakfast, layer chilled cranberry cherry relish with yogurt or spread it onto multigrain toast.

Easy Beef Burgundy Recipe

Flickr user EraPhernalia Vintage
Stewed beef is usually a comforting weekend dinner, when you have time to simmer the ingredients for hours on end and fill the house with the aroma of a delicious family meal. Not so with this easy beef burgundy recipe, which takes only ninety minutes, start to finish, including prep time. Enjoy the soothing flavor of classic beef bourguignon anytime with this simple process and have hours left over to relax or go for a walk.

Cheese Soufflé Recipe

Flickr user clairity
This traditional cheese soufflé is light, airy, and savory - everything a cheese soufflé should be! This easy recipe can be whipped up in 15 minutes for flawless results. Gruyere and Comte cheese can be used interchangeably in this bistro classic.

Ratatouille Recipe

Kok Robin
This traditional vegetable stew originated as a poor man’s dish in Nice. This version lightly caramelizes the onions and peppers before adding them to the rest of the dish, giving it a fantastic complex flavor without much additional effort.

Cassoulet Recipe

©Stuart Spivak
This chicken and sausage cassoulet recipe is a modern update on the classic white bean cassoulet from Toulouse. This version evokes particularly complex and developed flavors by cooking certain ingredients separately, and then together. The result is an irresistible, hearty stew.

Roasted Cornish Hen and Grapes Recipe

Emily Carlin
This roasted Cornish hen with grapes recipe makes a lovely addition to holiday menus and Sunday dinners. Roasted grapes and shallots are served up alongside juicy, savory Cornish hens seasoned with Cognac and thyme. This recipe takes only a few minutes to put together and creates a beautiful, effortless showpiece for guests to enjoy.
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