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French New Year's Food

Easy Reveillon Recipes


The most traditional of French New Year's food is le Reveillon, which includes foie gras, oysters, and plenty of wine and Champagne, among other indulgences. Most often, it's an elaborate meal, yet with a little preparation and careful planning, the same flavors and ingredients can be enjoyed in a more streamlined, modern fashion.

Cinnamon Foie Gras Recipe

Flickr user cyclonebill
This cinnamon foie gras recipe provides just a hint of aromatic spices that enhance the luxurious, velvety texture of the foie gras. Serve it alone with bread or with fig spread for a delicious appetizer.

Escargot Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

This easy appetizer for escargot stuffed mushrooms will make it appear as though you slaved away in a kitchen for hours. By using canned snails, your preparation time will be cut dramatically and allow you to enjoy more time with your guests. This recipe is a tradition in the Burgundy region of France.

Tomato Tarte Tatin Recipe

This savory tomato tarte Tatin is welcome twist to appetizer trays at a cocktail party. Serve it as a first course with red wine, or with mixed greens with pears and blue cheese as a light lunch with white wine.

Oyster Stew Recipe

Vincent Ignace
This oyster stew recipe uses simple ingredients, allowing the fresh, pure sea flavor of the oysters to shine through. A heart, warming stew, it's perfect for a night when a chill is hanging in the air and one wants to warm up at the kitchen table. The preparation is easy and fast, making this a wonderful dish for special occasion dinners when oysters are typically served, but a casual presentation is desired.

Lyonnaise Steak and Potatoes Recipe

This mouthwatering Lyonnaise steak recipe showcases juicy, custom-seared sirloin steaks served with a special, caramelized onion garnish and Lyonnaise-style golden potatoes. Add a crisp, green salad, fresh baguettes, and a good bottle of wine to the table for an amazingly delicious, yet simple meal.

Triple Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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If anything can be said about chocolate mousse, it's that it fits deftly into every menu plan and has very few enemies at the dinner table. Tuck into this triple chocolate mousse recipe, prettily layered with homemade white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate mousses, for your next cocoa craving. Just add coffee or cappuccino for a show-stopping dessert course to impress your guests.

Tarte aux Fruits Rouges Recipe

Blue Waikiki
Full of rich mascarpone cream and juicy berries, this tarte aux fruits rouges recipe, also known as red fruits tart, is a popular choice for brunches and special occasions. Layer it with any combination of raspberries, cherries, and strawberries. Black currants, blackberries, and blueberries, although not technically red, are traditionally served in this soft fruits tart, as well.
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