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Foods of Belgium

Learn about the special foods and recipes of Belgium. Belgian recipes. Classic Belgian dishes.

Belgian Beer Styles
Learn about Belgian beer styles. The descriptions include white, brown, golden, red, Lambic, Kriek, Faro, and Gueuze beers. Belgian beer and food pairings.

Belgian Carrots Recipe
Try this Belgian carrots recipe the next time you want an easy, European-style vegetable. Belgian carrot side dish.

Belgian Orange Blossom Recipe
This Belgian Orange Blossom recipe is a uniquely refreshing cocktail, several generations removed from the original, somewhat bland Orange Blossom recipe of the 1930s. Belgian cocktail with oranges.

Belgian Waffles Recipe
This authentic Belgian waffles recipe uses yeast for its incredible texture. Waffles from Belgium.

Cream of Belgian Endive Soup Recipe
This cream of Belgian endive soup makes a quick and nutritious meal. Soup with Belgian endive.

Flemish Beef Stew Recipe
This hearty Flemish beef stew recipe is the Belgian national dish. Carbonnades Flamandes.

Frites Recipe
This simple frites recipe is a deliciously easy addition to any meal. Belgian fried potatoes. French fries.

Mixed Belgian Endive Salad Recipe
For a unique version of a tri-color salad, try this mixed Belgian endive salad recipe. Salad with Belgian endive.

Steamed Mussels in Vermouth Recipe
This traditional steamed mussels in vermouth recipe is a lovely, herb-laced main dish, perfect for a special occasion. Steamed Mussels with Vermouth.

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