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Foods of French Canada

Learn about the special foods and recipes of French Canada. French Canadian recipes. Classic French Canadian dishes.

Apple Glazed Carrots Recipe
This apple glazed carrots recipe works well with roasted poultry dishes. Glazed apples and carrots side dish.

Blueberry Port Wine Recipe
This blueberry port wine recipe is easy to make in your own kitchen. Canadian homemade blueberry port-style wine.

Blueberry Wine Coulis Recipe
This blueberry wine coulis recipe is a delicious sauce for any French dessert. Coulis with blueberry wine.

Chocolate Torte with Blueberry Wine Coulis Recipe
This chocolate torte with blueberry wine coulis recipe is a unique version of a classic French dessert. French chocolate torte with blueberries.

Cranberry Quatre Quarts Cake Recipe
This cranberry quatre quarts cake, or cranberry pound cake, in which the ingredients are added in quarters, is enhanced with sweet dried cranberries and a touch of vanilla. French Canadian cranberry pound cake.

Maple Walnut Vinaigrette Recipe
This elegant maple walnut vinaigrette recipe makes a wonderful addition to any salad. French vinaigrette dressing with maple and walnuts.

Monteregie Cider Route Recipes
This culinary tour of Quebec was inspired by a drive on the beautiful Monteregie cider route, south of Montreal. La Route des Cidres, which is dotted with orchards, cider houses, picturesque inns, and quaint sugar shacks, stirs thoughts of aromatic apple dishes and sugary maple treats.

Pomegranate Cranberry Sorbet Recipe
This pomegranate cranberry sorbet recipe is a colorful, unique version of a classic French dessert. Sorbet with pomegranate and cranberry.

Pumpkin Mousse Recipe
This pumpkin mousse recipe is a classic French dessert. French mousse with pumpkin.

Roasted Maple Orange Glazed Turkey Recipe
This roasted maple orange glazed turkey recipe from Canada is perfect for a large family get-together. Roasted turkey with maple and orange glaze.

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