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French Cooking Techniques & Tutorials

Learn basic, intermediate, and expert French cooking techniques. Tutorials on French food will guide you as you learn how to master French recipes in your kitchen.

Blanch ingredients for a quick way to brighten color and slip off hard to peel skins.

Frugal French Cooking Tricks
Try this collection of frugal French food tricks for making recession-proof recipes in your home kitchen. How to cook French food on a budget.

Glace de Viande
Glace de viande is a method of "glazing the meat." Making this rich sauce is a cornerstone of mastering the French kitchen.

How To Brunoise
Brunoised vegetables are the tiniest of cuts. The formal-looking little squares add color and elegance to dishes.

How to Cook a Steak
How to cook a steak to perfection using timing, texture, and appearance. Steak doneness times.

How To Julienne
The French method of julienne creates fine, matchstick vegetables.

How To Make Broiled Bananas
Learn how to make delicious, broiled bananas. Broiled bananas recipe with pictures.

How to Make Canadian Maple Sugar Pie
Learn how to make Canadian maple sugar pie. This sugar pie recipe features maple sugar, cream, and maple syrup baked into a classic dessert from Quebec.

How To Make Crepes
Learn how to make versatile French crepes.

How To Make Ganache
Creamy, decadent chocolate ganache easily rolls into truffles, enrobes tortes, or spreads between cookie layers.

How to Make Salted Butter Caramels
Learn how to make salted butter caramels. This salted butter caramels recipe features cream, sugar, and sea salt.

How To Roll Truffles
Chocolate truffles are easy to make and delicious.

Make a Beurre Manie
Learn how to make beurre manie, an easy, lump-free way to thicken sauces and soups.

Make a Frosted Lemon Spiral
Lemon spirals are beautiful decorations to classic French dishes. Learn how to make the elegant garnish.

Cooking with Lavender
Learn the tricks to cooking with lavender, including flavor pairing with sweet and savory ingredients and delicious lavender recipes. How to cook with lavender.

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