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What is a Marcona Almond?

Origin, flavor, storage


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Marcona almonds seem to be on all the hot menu lists and specialty food stores shelves. Actually, Marcona almonds are flying off the shelves everywhere. The gourmet almonds from Spain are that popular.

What are Marcona almonds? They are a variety of sweet almond, and they're slightly shorter and plumper in appearance compared to the traditional sweet almonds typically found at the market. They're very popular in Mediterranean countries and they're gaining popularity in the United States, their reach now extending past epicurean stores to bulk retailers.

What does a Marcona almond taste like? A Marcona almond is far sweeter, moister, and delicately soft, in contrast to the classic sweet variety. It has a soft aroma and flavor that is reminiscent of the almond essence used in baked goods. It's no secret why Marcona almonds are winning fans all over the globe, from gourmands to chefs to moms looking for a healthy snack for the kids.

How to store Marcona almonds: Make sure to buy fresh almonds and store them in a sealed container in a cool, dry place. The very quality that makes Marcona almonds so delicious, a high oil and moisture content, makes them particularly susceptible to becoming rancid, so buy only what you can use by the package sell-by date and store them properly.

Try the specialty almonds in tortes, sautéed in oil and sprinkled over a salad, served with wine and cheese, or chopped and added to baked goods and crepes. Use Marcona almonds in these delicious French recipes.

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