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Main Dish Recipes

French main dish recipes. The main course is the focal point of a French meal. Given the numerous regions and cultural influences within France and its Overseas Departments, these dishes can range from complex to simple with a variety of meat, poultry, and vegetable ingredients used.
  1. Breton Crepes and Galettes (7)
  2. Tartine Recipes (8)

Asparagus with Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Recipe
This asparagus with poached eggs and hollandaise recipe features fresh asparagus spears, cooked, and then served with freshly poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Asparagus and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce recipe.

Baeckeoffe Recipe
This Baeckeoffe recipe from Alsace is a hearty lamb and potato stew. Baeckeoffe, a French main course from Alsace.

Beef Burgundy Recipe Boeuf Bourguignon Recipe
This traditional beef Burgundy recipe features red wine, Cognac, vegetables, herbs, and a pearl onion and mushroom garnish. Boeuf Bourguignon recipe.

Beef Comfort Food Recipes
These beef comfort food dishes are the best and coziest beef stews, soups, and roasts from the French kitchen. Beef comfort food recipes.

Beef Tourtiere Recipe
This tourtiere recipe features ground beef, vegetables, red wine, herbs, and spices. Christmas meat pie recipe.

Blackberry Balsamic Chicken Recipe
This blackberry balsamic chicken recipe features chicken, blackberries, balsamic vinegar, honey, and rosemary.

Blueberry Balsamic Chicken Recipe
This blueberry balsamic chicken recipe features chicken, blueberries, balsamic vinegar, honey, and rosemary. Blueberry chicken recipe.

Brandied Roast Goose Recipe
This brandied roast goose recipe features fresh goose, roasted with seasonings and served with a brandy sauce. Cognac roasted goose recipe.

Brie Stuffed Pain Perdu with Cranberry Cherry Sauce Recipe
This Brie stuffed pain perdu with cranberry cherry sauce recipe makes delicately crunchy, vanilla-laced French toast stuffed with Brie amd topped with a tangy cherry berry dessert sauce. Brie stuffed pain perdu with holiday berry sauce recipe.

Brive Style Braised Rabbit Recipe
This Brive style braised rabbit recipe features rabbit, tomatoes, mushrooms, and shallots. Brive style rabbit stew recipe.

Broccoli and Chive Tart Recipe
This broccoli and chive tart recipe features puff pastry, cheese, broccoli, eggs, and chives. Broccoli and chive quiche recipe.

Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta Recipe
This butternut squash and sage pasta recipe features roasted cinnamon squash, sage, garlic, and bowtie pasta. Roasted butternut squash and fried sage pasta recipe.

Butternut Squash Cassoulet Recipe
This butternut squash cassoulet recipe features caramelized butternut squash, onions, garlic, bacon, chicken and white beans. Chicken and butternut squash cassoulet recipe.

Catalonian Meatballs Recipe
This Catalonian meatballs recipe features beef and pork meatballs in a traditional Catalan sauce. Catalonian meatballs in sauce.

Chateaubriand Recipe
This chateaubriand recipe features beef tenderloin and an easy wine shallot sauce. Chateaubriand. Roasted beef tenderloin with wine sauce.

Cheese and Dill French Omelet Recipe
This cheese and dill French omelet features eggs, butter, cheese, and herbs. Classic cheese and dill French omelet recipe.

Cheese Soufflé Recipe
This cheese soufflé recipe features cheese, eggs, flour, butter, and milk. Gruyère soufflé. Comté soufflé.

Chicken a la Diable Recipe
Spicy deviled chicken is breaded and then fried in butter for an amazing taste explosion. This chicken a la diable recipe is great for a picnic. French main dish with spicy chicken.

Chicken and Sausage Cassoulet Recipe
This chicken and sausage cassoulet features chicken, sausage, white beans, herbs, and tomatoes. Cassoulet with chicken and sausage.

Chicken a la Maryland Recipe
This chicken a la Maryland recipe for butter-fried chicken with Béchamel and sautéed bananas is an adapted version of Escoffier's in Ma Cuisine, what was served on the last day of the Titanic's voyage. Chicken Maryland recipe.

Chicken Basquaise Recipe
This easy chicken with bell peppers recipe features chicken, red and green bell peppers, garlic, and ham. Chicken Basquaise. Poulet Basquaise recipe.

Chicken Comte Soufflé Recipe
This chicken cheese soufflé recipe features cooked chicken, and Comte cheese in a classic, savory soufflé batter.

Chicken Comte Soufflé Recipe
This chicken cheese soufflé recipe features cooked chicken, and Comte cheese in a classic, savory soufflé batter.

Chicken Comte Soufflé Recipe
This chicken cheese soufflé recipe features cooked chicken, and Comte cheese in a classic, savory soufflé batter.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe
This chicken cordon bleu recipe features chicken, prosciutto ham, and Gruyere cheese, along with an explanation of the origin of the dish.

Chicken Francaise Recipe
This chicken Francaise recipe features sauted chicken in a homemade lemon and white wine sauce. French lemon chicken recipe.

Chicken in Cream Sauce Recipe
This chicken in cream sauce recipe features chicken browned in butter and then braised with wine, thyme, and creme fraiche. Poulet a la creme. Volaille a la creme.

Chicken in Hard Cider Sauce Recipe
This delicious chicken in hard cider sauce recipe is a classic from French apple country, the Normandy and Brittany regions. French main course of roasted chicken with hard cider sauce. Poulet en Sauce à Cidre Dur.

Chicken Mushroom Souffle Recipe
This chicken mushroom souffle recipe features cooked chicken, mushrooms, and Comte cheese in a classic, savory souffle batter.

Chicken Sausage Gumbo Recipe
This chicken sausage gumbo recipe, served with hot rice, is a delicious, hearty meal in itself. Gumbo with chicken and sausage.

Classic French Omelet Recipe
This basic French omelet features eggs, butter, cheese, and herbs. Classic French omelette recipe.

Cognac Shrimp with Beurre Blanc Sauce Recipe
This Cognac shrimp with beurre blanc sauce recipe is an easy French main course, perfect for quick weeknight preparation. Shrimp with Cognac and beurre blanc sauce.

Comforting Chicken Dishes
These chicken comfort food dishes are the best and coziest chicken casseroles, stews, and roasts from the French kitchen. Chicken comfort food recipes.

Confit Byaldi Recipe
This confit byaldi recipe features fresh squash, tomatoes, herbs and garlic. Ratatouille byaldi recipe.

Coquilles Saint-Jacques Recipe
Try this Coquilles Saint-Jacques recipe next time you have guests coming for dinner. It features scallops and mushrooms, made rich with a Gruyere and breadcumb topping. Sauted scallops with spices.

Coq au Vin Recipe
Try this coq au vin recipe for a hearty dinner. Chicken stewed in wine.

Daube de Boeuf Provencal Recipe
This daube de boeuf Provencal recipe features beef, vegetables, herbs, orange zest, olives, and wine. Provencal beef stew.

Duck a l'Orange Recipe
French cuisine made its debut in America thanks in part to this famous duck a l'orange recipe for seared duck breast glazed with sweet orange sauce. French duck with orange sauce.

Easy Beef Burgundy Recipe
This beef Burgundy recipe features mirepoix, beef, red wine, and herbs. Easy beef Burgundy. Easy beef Bourguignon.

Crab Quiche Recipe
This special crab quiche recipe is accented with salty-sweet crab meat, fresh herbs, and two cheeses. French quiche with crab.

Eggs with Black Truffles Recipe - Brouillade de Truffes
Eggs with black truffles recipe features eggs and truffles whisked together with butter. The gentle cooking technique produces a light, fine texture. Brouillade de truffes.

Endive and Ham Gratin Recipe
This endive and ham gratin recipe features Belgian endives, Gruyere cheese, cured ham, and Béchamel sauce. Endive and ham au gratin recipe.

Endive and Ham Gratin with Tomato Sauce Recipe
This endive and ham gratin with tomato sauce recipe features Belgian endives, Gruyere cheese, cured ham, and tomato sauce. Endive and ham au gratin recipe.

Epoisses Cheese and Apple Tart Recipe
This Epoisses cheese and apple tart recipe features Epoisses cheese, apples, and ham in pate brisee. Tarte a la Epoisses et aux pommes.

Flemish Beef Stew Recipe
This hearty Flemish beef stew recipe is the Belgian national dish. Carbonnades Flamandes.

Fish with Toasted Pecan Butter Sauce Recipe
This fish with toasted pecan butter sauce recipe features a homemade, savory pecan butter sauce and crispy Cajun trout, fried to perfection. Trout in toasted pecan butter sauce recipe.

Fiddlehead Fern Quiche Recipe - Sauteed Leek and Dill Tart Recipe

French Seafood Recipes
Seafood is one of French cuisines more elegant offerings. Done properly, fish and shellfish present a matchlessly delicate texture and an exquisite fresh flavor. Good quality fresh fish provides a delicious backdrop for any number of seasonings or sauces, from light and mild to rich and spicy. French seafood recipes can range from a simple wine-braised fillet to a rustic backcountry Cajun fish

Fondue Savoyarde Recipe
This fondue Savoyarde recipe features white wine, Comte cheese, Emmenthal cheese, Gruyere cheese, and Kirsch. French alpine fondue recipe.

French Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
This French macaroni and cheese recipe features macaroni, crème fraiche, and Gruyere, Cantal, or cheddar cheese. French-style macaroni and cheese.

French Toast Recipe
This French toast recipe features thick slices of bread dipped in a vanilla egg custard. Pain perdu recipe. Lost bread.

French Toast Recipes from Around the World
These French toast recipes come from around the world. French toast variations. International French toast recipes.

Fromage Blanc Tart Recipe
This fromage blanc tart recipe features soft fromage blanc, tomatoes, cream, eggs, and fresh herbs. Fromage blanc and tomato tart recipe.

Garlic Herb Roasted Chicken
This garlic herb roasted chicken recipe features shaved garlic, herbs, mixed vegetables, and chicken. Garlic herb roasted chicken.

Garlic Turkey Sausage Recipe
Mixing up your own garlic turkey sausage recipe takes almost no time and greatly enhances the flavor of any dish. French turkey sausage with garlic.

Golden Bread Recipe
This golden bread recipe features thick slices of bread dipped in a cinnamon egg custard. Canadian French toast recipe. Pain dore recipe.

Grandmother's Braised Chicken Casserole Recipe
This grandmother's chicken casserole recipe features chicken, lardons, pearl onions, potatoes, and mushrooms.

Grilled Sardines Recipe
This grilled sardines recipe features marinated, grilled sardines and a sautéed tomato-fennel garnish. Grilled sardines with tomato marinade recipe.

Halibut Provencal Recipe
This halibut Provencal recipe features halibut, shallots, fennel, tomatoes, olives, and fresh sage. Braised halibut Provencal.

Herbed Butter Turkey Recipe
This herbed butter turkey recipe features turkey, butter, thyme, and sage. Herbed turkey roast.

Honey Lacquered Duck Breast Recipe
This honey lacquered duck breast recipe features seared duck breasts glazed with a seasoned honey pan sauce. Seared duck breasts with honey glaze.

Herb Crusted Rib Roast Recipe
This herb crusted rib roast recipe features garlic and herbs rubbed into a beef rib roast. Herb crusted roast beef.

Langoustine Gratin Recipe
This langoustine gratin recipe features shallots, langoustines, and herbs.

Leek and Dill Quiche Recipe
This leek and dill quiche recipe features leeks, dill, cream, eggs, and pastry. Sauteed leek and dill tart recipe.

Lemon Sage Chicken Recipe
This lemon sage chicken recipe features chicken marinated in lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic, and fresh sage. Lemon sage marinated chicken recipe.

Lobster in Calvados Butter Recipe
This lobster in Calvados butter recipe features oven-cooked lobster, butter, and Calvados apple brandy. Homard au Calvados.

Lyonnaise Steak Recipe
This Lyonnaise steak recipe features sirloin steak, onions, potatoes, butter, white wine, vinegar, and veal stock. Lyonnaise steak and potatoes recipe.

Baked Ham with Spiced Apples and Pears Recipe
Elevate your holiday meal with this delicious baked ham with spiced apple and pears recipe from Quebec. Baked maple ham and spiced fruit recipe.

Maple Cider Baked Ham Recipe

Mushroom Cheese Soufflé Recipe
This mushroom cheese soufflé recipe features seasoned mushrooms, Gruyere cheese, and herbs in a classic, savory soufflé batter.

Oyster Fritters Recipe
This oyster fritters recipe features fresh oysters deep-fried in a sparkling wine batter. Beignets D’Huitres au vin recipe.

Pan Bagnat Recipe
This pan bagnat recipe features fresh tuna salad served on a baguette. This sandwich is especially popular in the resorts on the French Riviera. French tuna salad.

Pork Medallions and Caramelized Onions and Apples Recipe
This pork medallions and caramelized onion and apples recipe features pork tenderloin, herbs, onions, and apples. Pork with apples and onions.

Pork Tenderloins in Beer Recipe
This pork tenderloins in beer recipe features roasted pork tenderloin in a dark beer reduction sauce. Pork in beer sauce recipe.

Potato Omelet Recipe
This potato omelet features eggs, butter, potatoes, onions, and herbs. French potato omelette recipe.

Pot au Feu Recipe
This pot au feu recipe features beef, aromatic vegetables and seasonings, and croutes spread with marrow. Classic pot au feu.

Quiche Lorraine Recipe
Cheesy egg pie filled with crumbled bacon and just a touch of grated nutmeg is the heirloom quiche recipe from the Lorraine region. French quiche from Lorraine.

Provencal Zucchini Tart Recipe - Courgette Quiche Recipe
Provencal Zucchini Tart Recipe - Courgette Quiche Recipe

Rabbit Stew Recipe
This rabbit stew recipe features rabbit, wine, mushrooms, shallots, and herbs. Hunter's rabbit stew recipe.

Ratatouille Recipe
This ratatouille recipe is a delicious herbed vegetarian entre from Nice, France. French vegetable stew.

Raspberry Balsamic Chicken Recipe
This raspberry balsamic chicken recipe features chicken, raspberries, balsamic vinegar, honey, and thyme. Raspberry chicken recipe.

Ratatouille, Five Ways
Try these creative ratatouille serving suggestions for your next meal. Ratatouille recipes with serving suggestions.

Ratatouille Nicoise Recipe
This ratatouille Nicoise recipe features butternut squash, zucchini, bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic and capers. Ratatouille Nicoise.

Red Beans with Wine Recipe
This red beans with wine recipe features kidney beans, onions, bacon, herbs, and red wine. Kidney beans with wine recipe.

Roasted Chicken with Cabbage and Prunes Recipe
Try this roasted chicken with cabbage and prunes recipe for a delicious French main course. Cabbage and prune roasted chicken from Alsace.

Roasted Cod with Montpellier Butter - Cod with Herb Butter Recipe
Roasted Cod with Montpellier Butter - Cod with Herb Butter Recipe

Roasted Cornish Hen and Grapes Recipe
This Cornish hen and roasted grapes recipe features seasoned Cornish hens and a roasted grape vegetable medley. Roasted Cornish hens and grapes recipe.

Roasted Lemon Rosemary Chicken Recipe
Try this roasted lemon rosemary chicken recipe for a delicious French main course. Roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary.

Roasted Maple Orange Glazed Turkey Recipe
This roasted maple orange glazed turkey recipe from Canada is perfect for a large family get-together. Roasted turkey with maple and orange glaze.

Roasted Vegetable Ratatouille Recipe
This roasted vegetable ratatouille recipe features eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Roasted ratatouille recipe.

Roasted Vegetables with Aioli Recipe
This roasted vegetables with aioli recipe features seasonal vegetables and a flavored, traditional aioli. Aioli and roasted vegetables.

Roquefort and Caramelized Onion Tart Recipe
This Roquefort and caramelized onion tart features blue cheese, caramelized onions, cream, eggs, and pastry. Roquefort cheese and onion tart recipe.

Rosemary Chicken Recipe
This rosemary chicken recipe features chicken marinated in lemon juice, lemon zest, white wine, garlic, and fresh rosemary. Rosemary marinated chicken recipe.

Salad Lyonnaise Recipe
This salad Lyonnaise recipe features frisee, bacon, croutons, a poached egg, and shallot vinaigrette. Poached egg salad recipe.

Scallops L'Orange Recipe
This scallops l'orange recipe showcases pan-seared scallops drizzled with a delectable orange cream sauce.

Salmon Dill French Omelet Recipe
This salmon and dill French omelet features eggs, butter, salmon, and herbs. Classic salmon and dill French omelet recipe.

Seven-Hour Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe
This seven-hour roast leg of lamb recipe features leg of lamb, herbs, white wine, and root vegetables. Roast leg of lamb. Roasted leg of lamb.

Seared Duck with Balsamic Currant Sauce Recipe
This seared duck with balsamic currant sauce recipe features seared duck breast, crème de cassis, and balsamic vinegar. Duck with black currant sauce recipe.

Seared Scallops in Sage Cream Recipe
This seared scallops in sage cream recipe features pan-seared scallops with mirepoix and creamy sage sauce. Pan-seared scallops with cream sauce recipe.

Showstopping Main Dish Recipes
These showstopping main dish recipes feature beef, seafood, poultry, and vegetarian entrees. Special occasion main dishes.

Shrimp Gratin Recipe
This shrimp gratin recipe features shrimp, shallots, herbs, and parmesan cheese.

Sirloin Croquettes Recipe
This sirloin croquettes recipe is an incredible way to serve ground beef. They taste nothing like hamburger, and they're appropriate for even the most formal of French dinners. French coquettes with sirloin.

Snapper En Papillote Recipe
Parchment paper is wrapped around fresh fish, vegetables, and unique spices in this easy, elegant main course recipe for snapper en papillote. French snapper in parchment packets.

Spinach Souffl Recipe
Try this spinach souffl recipe for a delicious, elegant meal. Souffl with spinach.

Spinach and Bacon Tart Recipe - Spinach and Bacon Quiche Recipe
Spinach and Bacon Tart Recipe - Spinach and Bacon Quiche Recipe

Steak Au Poivre Recipe
This steak au poivre recipe is simply an entree of steak, seasoned with black pepper and adorned with a brandy and cream reduction. It is an amazingly elegant way to impress guests for dinner. French pepper steak recipe.

Spinach and Onion Quiche Recipe
This spinach and onion quiche recipe makes a lovely entre. Quiche with spinach and onion.

Spring Quiche Recipes
These spring quiche recipes feature asparagus, leeks, spinach, herbs, artichokes, and other spring produce. Spring quiches.

Steamed Mussels in Vermouth Recipe
This traditional steamed mussels in vermouth recipe is a lovely, herb-laced main dish, perfect for a special occasion. Steamed Mussels with Vermouth.

Stuffed Bresse Chicken Recipe
This stuffed Bresse chicken recipe features bone-in chicken breasts, julienned vegetables, butter, and red wine. Stuffed Bresse chicken in red wine sauce.

Sundried Tomato and Asparagus Tart Recipe - Sundried Tomato and Asparagus...
Sundried Tomato and Asparagus Tart Recipe - Sundried Tomato and Asparagus Quiche Recipe

Tartiflette Recipe
This Tartiflette recipe originated in Savoie in the French Alps. Easy French main dish of potatoes with bacon and Reblochon cheese.

Tourtiere Recipe
This tourtiere recipe features ground beef, ground pork, Cognac, herbs, and spices. French Canadian meat pie recipe.

Thyme Chicken Recipe
This thyme chicken recipe features chicken marinated in lemon juice, lemon zest, white wine, garlic, and fresh thyme. Thyme marinated chicken recipe.

Tomato Tarte Tatin Recipe
This tomato tarte Tatin recipe features plum tomatoes, caramelized red wine vinegar, and herbs. Individual tomato tarte Tatin.

Tuna Nicoise Tartine Recipe
This tuna Nicoise recipe features tuna, aioli, Nicoise olives, and hardboiled eggs. Tuna salad sandwiches with eggs.

Turkey Champenois Recipe
This turkey Champenois recipe features fresh turkey, sausage, and bacon. Champenois-style turkey recipe.

Vegetable Tian Recipe
This vegetable tian recipe features potatoes, squash, and tomatoes laced with herbs and cheese.

Vegetable Tart Recipe
This vegetable tart features onions, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, cream, eggs, and pastry. French vegetable quiche recipe.

Venison Burgundy Recipe
This traditional venison Burgundy recipe features red wine, Cognac, vegetables, herbs, and a pearl onion and mushroom garnish. Venison and red wine stew recipe.

Venison Medallions in Cranberry Shallot Sauce Recipe

Venison Medallions in Red Wine Sauce Recipe
This venison medallions in red wine sauce recipe features venison tenderloin and a red wine cream sauce.

Venison Recipes
These venison recipes feature various cuts of deer meat used in main dishes, savory pastries, and stew. Game recipes.

Honey Provencal Duck Recipe
This honey Provencal duck recipe features seared duck breasts in an easy Provencal herb and honey pan sauce. Honeyed Provencal duck breast recipe.

Venison Tourtiere Recipe
This tourtiere recipe features venison, ground pork, vegetables, Cognac, herbs, and spices. Venison meat pie recipe.

Vinegar Chicken Sauté Recipe
This vinegar chicken sauté recipe features chicken, garlic, red wine vinegar, and tomatoes. Chicken sautéed with vinegar, garlic, and tomatoes.

Wine-Poached Salmon With Black Truffles Recipe
This wine-poached salmon with black truffles recipe features creamy truffle sauce and classic poached salmon. French main dish with salmon and truffles.

Wine Steamed Mussels Recipe
This traditional wine steamed mussels recipe is a lovely, herb-laced main dish, perfect for a special occasion. Steamed mussels with wine.

Winter Vegetable Ragout Recipe
This winter vegetable ragout recipe features carrots, butternut squash, red onions, cabbage, turnips, wine, and herbs. Winter vegetable stew recipe.

Zewelwai Recipe
This Zewelwai recipe - an onion tart - is full of soft, tangy onions and a hint of nutmeg. Alsatian onion quiche recipe. Onion tart recipe.

Merguez Recipe
This merguez recipe features sausage made with spices, herbs, and garlic. Moroccan lamb sausage recipe.

Venison Stew Recipe
This easy venison stew recipe features vegetables, beef stock, red wine, and herbs. Marinated venison stew recipe.

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