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Ratatouille Serving Suggestions

Ratatouille Recipes, Five Ways


Try these creative ratatouille recipes and serving suggestions for your next meal.

1. Healthy Side Dish

Rack of lamb
sf_foodphoto/E+/Getty Images
Probably the most obvious use for ratatouille, aside from a main dish, is to serve it as a side dish. A simple steak or seared fish, along with rice, makes this a hands-down winner for a quick, nutritious dinner - perfect for hectic weeknights!

2. Filling for Crepes

Flickr user Nikchick
Buy crepes in the cooler section of your grocery store or make your own traditional, homemade crepes for this fantastic preparation. Simply fill the crepes with warm ratatouille and garnish the tops with tomatoes, goat cheese, and chopped fresh herbs.

3. Chicken Ratatouille

Kok Robin
Top a bowl of fresh ratatouille with grilled chicken tenderloins for an easy, wholesome meal full of protein, fiber, and nutrients. Ratatouille tastes even better the day after it is made, so prepare some ahead of time and you'll have this dish on the table within 15 minutes.

4. Creative Omelets

Hajime Nakano
Omelets are a quick, unique way to serve ratatouille. Eggs serve as a blank canvas to any number of ingredients. Here, you can use the classic stewed version of ratatouille or a delicious, roasted vegetable ratatouille that contains less liquid for two different dining experiences.

5. Ratatouille Nicoise

Flickr user foodista
Make a Mediterranean treat by tossing roasted ratatouille with capers and Nicoise olives. Serve it warm or cold on a bed of greens. Finish off your sophisticated dish with a fresh baguette and glass of wine. It doesn't get more simple than that!
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