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The French have great cardiovascular health and stay slender despite rich foods and lavish meals. Find out how you can celebrate and stay in shape with traditional French food and special menus.

Autumn Comfort Food Menu

Autumn Dinner Menu
This autumn dinner menu features seasonal dishes, with apples, vegetables, and pears, in a selection of salad, soup, and main dishes. Finish with a homemade spiced pound cake. Autumn recipes.

Autumn Nights French Menu
This autumn nights French menu features cheese and apple tart, seared duck with a balsamic reduction, seasonal vegetables, and persimmon tart.

Bastille Day Picnic Menu
Bastille Day marks the freedom of French citizens. Celebrate with authentic French recipes for a picnic menu you won’t soon forget! Bastille Day picnic menu.

Blueberry Recipes
These blueberry recipes feature both sweet and savory dishes, from desserts to main courses.

Budget Cafe Recipes
These budget cafe recipes feature 2 quiche recipes, 2 soup recipes, 2 salad recipes, and 2 dessert recipes that showcase cheap ingredients. Inexpensive restaurant recipes.

Creole Reveillon Recipes
Try this menu, full of Creole Reveillon recipes, for your next Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve dinner. Creole Reveillon menu.

Crepe Station Menu
This crepe station menu creates a memorable and delicious crepe station complete with flavored batters, sweet and savory fillings, and creative garnishes. How to make a crepes station.

Dessert Souffle Recipes
These dessert souffle recipes feature flavors ranging from orange to chocolate, and everything in between. Dessert souffles.

Easy French Picnic Menu
Get out into the fresh air and enjoy an authentic French picnic.

Eat Like the French and Lose Weight
The French stay healthy and slim despite their rich diet. Learn how you can change your lifestyle and do the same.

Engagement Party Menu
Try this engagement party menu for a romantic, elegant dinner party. Engagement party recipes. Dinner party menu.

Fall Cafe Menu
Use this delicious fall cafe menu to chase away culinary boredom with the best of the season's harvest. Autumn cafe menu.

Fall Dinner Party Menu
This fall dinner party menu features seasonal, autumn produce. Autumn dinner party recipes.

Favorite Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes
These summer fruit dessert recipes feature seasonal produce like strawberries, peaches, nectarines, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries. French summer fruit desserts.

French Breakfast Menu
Few things are as relaxing and romantic as a lazy morning, complete with breakfast in bed, steaming coffee, and the newspaper. Try this French breakfast menu, full of easy recipes, next time you want a treat.

French Lent Recipes
This French Lent recipe collection offers appetizers, main dishes, vegetarian, and seafood recipes appropriate for your fasting needs. French recipes for the Lenten season.

French Mother's Day Luncheon
Celebrate Mother's Day with a menu of authentic, spring-themed French recipes. French special occasion menu.

Fresh, Cool Recipes for Hot Weather
These fresh, cool recipes for hot weather feature seasonal produce in no cook French recipes.

Healthy French Recipes
These healthy French recipes run the spectrum from fruits to vegetables, and lean meats to sorbets. Heart healthy French recipes.

Fruit Dessert Recipes
These fruit dessert recipes feature apple, peach, pear, and berry confections. Fruit-based desserts.

Fruit and Herb Cake Recipes
These fruit and herb cake recipes feature basil, thyme, rosemary, or sage blended with fruits, citrus, and berries.

Healthy Winter Comfort Food Recipes
These healthy winter comfort food recipes feature seasonal produce in delicious, heart-warming fare perfect for cold weather. Healthy winter comforts.

25 French Vegetarian Recipes
An abundance of fruit and vegetables make finding delectable French vegetarian recipes very easy. Please note that these are lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes. They cannot be classifies as vegan because some use animal products butter, milk, and eggs.

Healthy Alsatian Dinner
Cozy up to a quick, heart-healthy meat and potatoes meal from Alsace.

High Fiber French Cuisine
Learn how to inject your healthy, high-fiber diet with a little French panache.

Holiday Brunch Recipes
These holiday brunch recipes will bring French flair to any special winter gathering. Holiday brunch menu.

Host a French Cocktail Party
Learn how easy it is to throw a cocktail party with authentic French hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Lemon Recipes
These sweet and savory lemon recipes feature zesty, pure citus flavor cooked with French flair. Lemon recipes.

Light Lunch Menu
This light lunch menu features delicious vegetable soups and salads, fruit sorbet and a light as air dessert. Light recipes.

Light Summer Luncheon Menu
This light summer luncheon menu features a tart, soup, sorbet, entree salad, and dessert. Light summer seasonal recipes.

Mushroom Recipes for the Holidays
These mushroom recipes are perfect for adding earthy flavor to a holiday menu.

Orange Recipes
These sweet and savory orange recipes feature pure, bright citrus flavor cooked with French flair. Orange recipes.

French Comfort Foods
This French comfort food recipes collection features the creamiest, most indulgent dishes in French cuisine. French comfort foods.

Seafood Dishes for Entertaining
These seafood dishes for entertaining feature rich bisques, stews, gratins, and quiches, as well as a variety of rich seafood recipes.

Spring Celebration Dinner Menu
This spring celebration dinner menu features a rib roast, spinach, asparagus, artichokes, and strawberries.

Spring Quiche Recipes
These spring quiche recipes feature asparagus, leeks, spinach, herbs, artichokes, and other spring produce. Spring quiches.

Spring Sunday Dinner Menu
This Spring Sunday dinner menu features seasonal ingredients, including lamb, spinach, oysters, mushrooms, artichokes, strawberries, and oranges. Spring Sunday dinner recipes.

Summer Berry Tasting Recipes
These summer berry tasting recipes feature a variety of juicy, seasonal berries to inspire a berry tasting party. Throw a summer berry tasting.

Summer Buffet Menu
These seasonal recipes are at home on any summer buffet menu.

Summer Vegetable Dishes
These summer vegetable recipes make welcome additions to any summer menu.

Summer Sunday Dinner Recipes
These summer Sunday dinner recipes include seasonal appetizers, a palate cleanser, two entrees, and two desserts.

Sweet and Savory Chestnut Recipes

Vegetarian Gratin Recipes
These vegetarian gratin recipes feature fresh vegetables, herbs, cheese, and the occasional fruit. Meatless gratin recipes.

Winter Fruit Cake Recipes
These winter fruit cake recipes feature seasonal fruits baked into homespun, delicious cakes. Winter fruit cakes.

French Grilling Recipes
These French grilling recipes feature appetizers, main dishes, salads, and desserts. Recipes for the grill French cuisine.

Peach Recipes
These peach recipes feature frozen desserts, tarts, crumbles, salads, and smoothies.

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