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Engagement Party Menu


Engagement Party Menu

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Andrew Yutzu

An engagement party calls for an intimate dinner with your closest family and friends. Light some candles, put soft music on in the background, and light up the television with a classic romance like Casablanca, on mute of course.


Serve sparkling wine with a simple tray of lemon-accented crudités and baguettes with tapenade.

Follow the appetizers with rich lobster bisque for the seafood lovers and roasted cauliflower soup for slightly lighter fare.

Main Course:

Roasted lemon rosemary chicken is an excellent versatile entrée because most people enjoy poultry dishes and the flavors marry well with numerous types of side dishes.

Serve orange vinaigrette glazed beets and winter squash puree for complementary, festive side dishes. Cinnamon orange popovers round out the savory menu as the bread selection.


For an over the top, elaborate dessert, serve show stopping individual chocolate soufflés. If simple preparation is what you’re looking for, make an assortment of sorbets the day before the party and serve them with chocolate truffles.

Cafe and a Parting Gift:

Finish out the night with a coffee bar and send your guests home with a parting gift of Provencal calissons.

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