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Easy French Picnic Menu


Classic Picnic Basket:

Whether you’re enjoying the first rays of summer sunlight in the city or bundling up against the cold and hiking your favorite mountain path, a picnic lunch is always welcome. Chose fresh foods, best quality ingredients, and dishes that can be eaten chilled for the most enjoyable take-along feast.

Add French Flair:

Pan Bagnat is a scrumptious seafood sandwich that tastes best a few hours after it has been prepared, making it a perfect choice for a picnic. Crudités with Lemon Oil can be assembled the night before an outing, and then packed into the picnic basket along with a carton of fragrant, homemade Rosemary Almonds.


Salads are a great, versatile item to pack; they can be sophisticated or rustic, and they travel well.


Choose a dessert that doesn’t melt and is sturdy or can be packed in a protective container for transporting it from the kitchen to the great outdoors.

Finish with the Basics:

Complete your extravagant meal with imported cheeses, a chilled bottle of sparkling water or wine, a fresh, crusty baguette, and a few squares of premium chocolate to melt on your tongue after your outdoor indulgence.

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