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Orange Recipes

Sweet and Savory


Good citrus is a market staple year-round. The highest quality oranges and citrus fruits, full of sparkling, aromatic flavor, come into season during the cold, dark months in the Northern Hemisphere. The smallest hint of citrus zest or juice gives a special spark to any recipe. These orange recipes, both sweet and savory, make for a delicious winter menu makeover.

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Orange Tart Recipe

Flickr user star5112
This easy orange tart recipe is a sweet twist on the classic citrus tart sold in pastry shops everywhere. A little dollop of Chantilly cream served with the dessert makes the ideal treat.

Strawberry Orange Soup Recipe

Anna Moderska
Both children and adults love this fresh strawberry orange soup recipe. The sweet, healthy treat, full of vitamin C, can be prepared in advance and chilled until serving time. It is lovely when used to round out an entrée salad for a light, nourishing meal.

Duck a l'Orange Recipe

©Jay Tong
French cuisine made its debut in America thanks in part to this famous duck a l'orange recipe for seared duck breast glazed with sweet orange sauce. This sophisticated dish is a wonderful addition to party menus and romantic dinners. The easy sauce can be prepared ahead of time and the duck seared right before serving.

Roasted Maple Orange Glazed Turkey Recipe

©Ernesto Andrade
This savory-sweet maple orange turkey recipe is as quick as quick can be! Very fitting for the season, orange and maple glaze bring out the rotisserie-style flavor of the turkey, so it's the perfect main coarse for a special occasion or gathering. Serve it with roasted sage potatoes and orange vinaigrette glazed beets for a delicious seasonal menu.

Orange Crème Brulee Recipe

Robert Paul Young
An infusion of citrus zest gives this orange creme brulee recipe its depth and unmistakable warmth. For a striking burst of color and flavor, serve the custard with fresh, sliced strawberries or berry sauce.

Orange, Fennel, and Beet Salad Recipe

Timothy Vollmer
Fresh oranges, earthy beets, and fennel combine perfectly in this tasty orange, fennel, and beet salad. Zesty herb vinaigrette dressing gives the already flavorful fruit and vegetable medley an appetizing twist. Serve this healthy salad for a light lunch or brighten up a chilly night by using it as a first course.

Cranberry Orange Relish Recipe

Flickr user DinnerSeries - Creative Commons
This cranberry orange relish recipe relies heavily on multiple sources of citrus to achieve its strong orange essence. Cranberry orange sauce is a marvelous accent to traditional roasted turkey, but also gives a delicious flavor boost to Cornish hens. For an unexpected twist on leftovers, layer the orange-flavored berries into a vanilla yogurt and granola parfait as breakfast or a healthy dessert.

Chocolate Grand Marnier Souffle Recipe

The combination of dark chocolate and orange is purely captivating. The match-made-in-heaven flavor medley is perfectly showcased in this chocolate Grand Marnier soufflé recipe, which marries the airy texture of a soufflé with the full, rich flavors of chocolate and citrusy Grand Marnier. The results are at once refreshing, and just a little bit addictive.

Madeleines Recipe

Yoshihide Nomura
Madeleines are plump, little sponge cakes traditionally flavored with just vanilla. These have a small bit of orange zest in them for added warmth and aroma.

Citrus Marinated Olives Recipe

Flickr user "grongar"
The brilliance of making your own marinated olives is that you alone customize the flavor of the dish. Take out an ingredient here and add one there… you have your own special blend! This recipe can use black or green olives – or both.
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