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Regional Specialties

Learn the backgrounds and delicious recipes of France’s regional specialties. Find dishes and foods from Normandy, Brittany, Champagne, Alsace and Lorraine, Burgundy and Bordeaux, Gascony and the Basque Country, Provence, Martinique, and Overseas Departments.
  1. Cajun and Creole Foods (6)
  2. Foods of Belgium (9)
  3. Foods of Brittany (8)
  4. Foods of Burgundy (5)
  5. Foods of French Canada (10)
  6. Foods of Gascony & Basque (3)
  7. Foods of Normandy (5)
  8. Foods of Provence (10)

Alsace-Lorraine - A German Twist On French Food
Learn the history and delicious recipes of France’s Alsace and Lorraine regions. The food of northeastern France is rustic French cuisine at its finest.

Catalan Dessert Recipes
Catalan dessert recipes are a rich mix of locally produced dairy, honey, and fruit. Learn about the delicious dessert specialties of French Catalonia.

Martinique - A Tropical French Food Experience
Regional French cuisine goes overseas to the Caribbean. Learn about the luscious tropical French food available on the beautiful, small island of Martinique.

French Regional Farmers Markets
Find out what local specialties to look for at French regional farmer's markets. What to expect on a French food market tour.

French Regional Recipes
Learn how to cook French regional recipes. French regional specialties and foods.

French Toast Recipes from Around the World
These French toast recipes come from around the world. French toast variations. International French toast recipes.

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