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French Toast Recipes from Around the World

International French Toast Variations


French Toast Recipes from Around the World

French Toast - Pain Perdu

Ralph Daily

Most French toast recipes are variations of bread soaked in cinnamon or vanilla custard. Many other cultures have their own delicious versions of what the French call pain perdu. If you're looking for a little change from the standard fare and want to get creative in the kitchen, try these French toast recipes and from around the world.

International French Toast Recipes:

  • In France, pain perdu is an easy preparation of thickly sliced bread soaked in a sweetened, vanilla-scented custard mixture and then fried in butter to golden perfection. The name pain perdu literally means lost bread and is used in reference to using day-old bread that would otherwise be lost.

  • Canadian French toast, alternately known as golden bread or pain dore is equally luscious. The origin of the whimsical name "golden bread" is from the delicate hue the bread takes on after it is fried and drizzled with amber maple syrup.

  • Alternately known as pain perdu, eggy bread, or French toast, these international names seem tame in comparison to the Dutch breakfast treat, wentelteefjes. The real eye opener is the translation; wentelteefjes means "turnover-bitches." Our Dutch Food Guide promises that her version "is soft and cinnamony and very delicious... pure comfort food."

  • According to our Spanish Food Guides, "It is believed that torrijas originated in Andalucian convents during the XV century as a way to use up stale bread. Today it is a popular breakfast food all over Spain."

  • Our Moroccan Food Guide explains that "French toast didn't originate in Morocco, but it is prepared there. It's a perfect use for leftover Moroccan bread, French bread, or any other day old bread you have on hand."

  • Our Italian Food Guide says "This simple dessert, which is likely the progenitor of French Toast, is made on both the French and Italian sides of Monte Bianco. According to local tradition it also stimulates mothers' milk."

  • Authentic pain perdu is enjoyed in the United States, as well. According to our American Food Guide "the French immigrants that settled in New Orleans spent a lot of time and effort making their famous loaves of bread, and when these sacred loaves went stale, and were about to be "lost," they were turned into the most incredible breakfast you can imagine.

  • French toast has made its way all over the world. Our Australian/New Zealand Food Guide promises this version "just feels luxurious... And, as long as you don't pile it with cream and syrup, it's not unhealthy."

  • What recipe collection would be complete without a vegan option? According to our Vegetarian Food Guide "This easy vegan French toast recipe is flavored with both nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice and a bit of maple syrup for a fantastic egg-free and dairy-free vegan breakfast."
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