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Winter Salad Recipes


These winter salad recipes use the freshest of the fresh seasonal ingredients. They're a fantasic, healthful way to brighten up a cold weather menu, without breaking the bank or using empty fillers.

Apple, Beet, and Pear Salad Recipe

Tim Brauhn
Sweet and earthy, this apple, beet, and pear salad recipe combines the best of the autumn harvest. Irresistibly refreshing apples and pears are perfectly enhanced by a slightly sweet apple champagne vinaigrette speckled with shredded apple and topped with salty blue cheese crumbles. Serve it as a light and healthy main course or a special dinner party salad.

Carrot Salad Recipe

Paul Downey
Every cook needs an easy, throw-together salad that can be made on a moment’s notice. This nutritious carrot salad is as chic as it is classic. It’s found in nearly every French cook’s repertoire, as well as eateries across the globe. Crunchy, fresh carrots blend with bright, zippy lemon mustard dressing in what is perhaps one of the easiest preparations in authentic French cuisine.

Salad Lyonnaise Recipe

Stuart Spivack
This salad Lyonnaise recipe, also known as poached egg salad, is an extravagant entree salad. A base of frisee greens is piled high with crumbled bacon, savory croutons, and a rich, poached egg and then drizzled with tangy shallot vinaigrette. Aside from the enticing red, yellow, and green contrasts of this delicious meal, who can resist a plate of bacon, eggs, and bread courageous enough to be labeled a salad?

Dill Potato Salad Recipe

Kathy Maister
This classic French potato salad is incredibly easy to make and compliments any kind of meal. Prepare it when dinner is simply too much to handle and you still want to eat healthy food.

French Lentil Salad Recipe

Kok Robin
This budget-friendly French lentil salad recipe takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and is a tasty addition to any meal. In addition to its versatile blend of flavors, this lentil salad defies seasons because all the ingredients are readily available year-round.

Mustard Roasted Beets Recipe

Flickr user littlebluehen
Both rustic and refined, this mustard roasted beets recipe is full of sweet, earthy flavor. Dijon mustard and lemon juice tossed into a zingy citronette serve to further enhance the appetizing vegetarian delicacy. Dish up the roasted beets alone as a tasty side dish or dress them up with a bed of greens for an amazing salad.

Pasta Salad Recipe

Brianna Lehman
When you need a quick, tasty side dish, make this versatile pasta salad recipe. In France, it is dressed with an easy vinaigrette, a few capers, and a dusting of fresh citrus zest. Customize this easy pasta salad with your own favorite herbs or freshly ground, colored peppercorns.

Roasted Vegetable and Spinach Salad Recipe

Flickr user "irrational_cat"
Easy to make and wholesome, this roasted vegetable and spinach salad recipe makes a great healthy main dish. Roasting the root vegetables until they caramelize and then seasoning them with a light citronette dressing is the simple secret to adding incredible flavor and depth to this effortless, tossed-together entrée salad.

Roasted Pear Salad Recipe

Glen MacLarty
Caramelizing fresh pears by roasting and then pairing them with strong blue cheese in this roasted pear salad is a wonderful way to elevate a classic dish into something really special. Homemade shallot vinaigrette dressing is a tangy complement to the warm sweetness of the roasted pears. Pair this salad with a crisp white or rose wine.

Orange, Fennel, and Beet Salad Recipe

Timothy Vollmer
Fresh oranges, earthy beets, and fennel combine perfectly in this tasty orange, fennel, and beet salad. Zesty herb vinaigrette dressing gives the already flavorful fruit and vegetable medley an appetizing twist. Serve this healthy salad for a light lunch or brighten up a chilly night by using it as a first course.
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