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Side Dish Recipes

French side dish recipes. Side dishes are small accompaniments to the main course in French cuisine. Recipes for traditional side dishes vary from grains to legumes to vegetables. While they are typically small in portion size, they are always big on flavor.

Aligot Recipe
This aligot recipe features potatoes, crème fraiche, and Cantal cheese whipped into a silky puree. Potato and cheese puree.

Apple Glazed Carrots Recipe
This apple glazed carrots recipe works well with roasted poultry dishes. Glazed apples and carrots side dish.

Asparagus Hollandaise Recipe
This asparagus hollandaise recipe features fresh asparagus spears, cooked, and then served with hollandaise sauce. Asparagus with hollandaise sauce recipe.

Asparagus in Tarragon Cream Sauce Recipe
Use this asparagus in tarragon cream sauce recipe when you need an elegant, healthy recipe. Featuring mushrooms, shallots, and tarragon, the cream sauce is delicious and easy to make. French asparagus with tarragon.

Balsamic Peppers Recipe
This balsamic peppers recipe is easy and delicious. Sweet peppers tossed with a healthy, tangy balsamic vinegar sauce make a flavorsome French side dish.

Balsamic Roasted Vegetables Recipe
This balsamic roasted vegetables recipe features herbs, vegetables, and balsamic vinegar. Balsamic roasted vegetables.

Belgian Carrots Recipe
Try this Belgian carrots recipe the next time you want an easy, European-style vegetable. Belgian carrot side dish.

Braised Broccoli Rabe Recipe
This braised broccoli rabe recipe features greens sauteed and then braised with garlic and onions. French side dish with broccoli rabe, onions, and garlic.

Braised Red Cabbage Recipe
This braised red cabbage recipe is a gently spiced, slightly acidic side dish. French side dish with red cabbage.

Broccoli Gratin Recipe
This broccoli gratin recipe features broccoli, onions, cream, and bread crumbs. Broccoli au gratin recipe.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin Recipe
This broccoli gratin recipe features broccoli, onions, cream, and bread crumbs. Broccoli au gratin recipe.

Browned Garlic Brussels Sprouts Recipe
This browned garlic Brussels sprouts recipe features sauted garlic, caramelized Brussels sprouts, and seasonings. Browned Brussels sprouts with garlic recipe.

Cauliflower Gratin Recipe
This cauliflower gratin recipe features fresh cauliflower, Bchamel sauce, thyme, and Gruyere cheese. Gratin au chou-fleur.

Chateau Potatoes Recipe
This chateau potatoes recipe features potatoes, butter, and parsley. Chateau potatoes.

Cherry Cranberry Sauce Recipe
This cherry cranberry sauce recipe features fresh cranberries and cherries. Cranberry cherry relish recipe.

Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe
This cinnamon applesauce recipe features apples, apricot preserves, apple cider, vanilla, and spices. Spiced applesauce recipe.

Cinnamon Squash Recipe
This cinnamon squash recipe features butternut squash and cinnamon. Cinnamon roasted squash recipe.

Creamy Feta Potatoes Recipe
Sharp, salty Feta cheese from Southwestern France is blended with lemon zest, rosemary, and mashed potatoes in this classic French recipe for creamy Feta potatoes. French side dish with Feta and potatoes.

Cucumber Salad Recipe
This refreshing cucumber salad recipe is easy because the ingredients are tossed together and served immediately. French salad with cucumbers and white wine vinegar.

Dill Potato Salad Recipe
This easy dill potato salad recipe features Yukon potatoes, olive oil, onions, and dill. French potato salad with dill.

Fava Beans with Bacon Recipe
This fava beans with bacon recipe features fresh fava beans, bacon, onions, and herbs. Fava beans and bacon.

Favorite Fall Side Dishes

French Lentil Salad Recipe
This French lentil salad recipe features fresh herbs, Dijon mustard, and a touch of lemon zest. Lentil salad recipe.

French Zucchini Recipes
Zucchini provides an inexpensive source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. Enjoy summer's bountiful squash with these delicious French zucchini recipes.

Frites Recipe
This simple frites recipe is a deliciously easy addition to any meal. Belgian fried potatoes. French fries.

Garlic Lemon Green Beans Recipe
This garlic lemon green beans recipe is an easy, vegetarian side dish recipe. Haricots verts with garlic and lemon.

Gratin Dauphinois Recipe
This gratin Dauphinois recipe features potatoes, heavy cream, creme fraiche, and Gruyere cheese. Potatoes au gratin recipe.

Gruyere, Apple, and Potato Gratin Recipe
This Gruyere, apple, and potato gratin recipe features caramelized onions, herbed crème fraiche, Gruyere cheese, apples, and potatoes. Cheese, apple, and potato gratin recipe.

Herbed Beans Provencale Recipe
Creamy white beans mixed with garlic and herbs from Provence make this purely French recipe of herbed beans Provencale perfect for any meal. French side dish with herbed beans.

Late Winter Side Dishes
These late winter side dishes are f

Lemon Fries Recipe
This homemade lemon fries recipe is a deliciously easy addition to any meal. Lemon French fries recipe. How to make lemon fries.

Lemon Garlic Broccoli Recipe
This lemon garlic broccoli recipe features broccoli in a special lemon garlic sauce and can be served hot or chilled as a salad. Lemon broccoli with garlic recipe.

Lorraine Noodles Recipe
This Lorraine noodles recipe features eggs and flour. Homemade noodles recipe. Nouilles au beurre.

Maple-Roasted Squash Recipe
This maple-roasted squash recipe features butternut squash and maple syrup. Maple roasted squash recipe.

Marilyn's Stuffing Recipe
This adaptation of Marilyn Monroe's stuffing recipe is a colorful blend of delicious seasonings and unique ingredients. 1950-style French stuffing recipe.

Mélange of Onions and Turnips Recipe
This mélange of onions and turnips recipe makes a tasty vegetable side dish that is a perfect accompaniment to chicken or duck. French side dish of mixed onions and turnips.

Millas Recipe
This millas recipe features a simple cornmeal and water paste; cooked, chilled, and then fried. Broye recipe.

Minted Zucchini Salad Recipe
This minted zucchini salad recipe is a fragrant, nutritious dish to take along on a picnic or serve with a light lunch. French salad with mint and zucchini.

Mushroom Duxelles Recipe

Mushrooms Bordelaise Recipe
This mushrooms Bordelaise recipe features mushrooms, butter, garlic, and parsley. Cepes a la Bordelaise.

Bacon Mushroom Stuffing Recipe
This bacon mushroom stuffing recipe features bacon, shallots, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and herbs. Bacon mushroom dressing recipe.

Mustard Herb Roasted Potatoes Recipe
This mustard herb roasted potatoes recipe features fingerling potatoes, herbs, garlic, and mustard. Herb roasted potatoes recipe.

Mustard Roasted Beets Recipe
This mustard roasted beets recipe features roasted beets tossed with a Dijon citronette dressing. Roasted beet salad with mustard recipe.

Orange Vinaigrette Glazed Beets Recipe
This orange vinaigrette glazed beets recipe is a combination of sweet orange and tangy balsamic vinegar warmed up by a touch of black pepper. French side dish of beets glazed with orange vinaigrette.

Orange Rice Recipe
This orange rice recipe is a Creole favorite for celebrations and seafood meals. Creole orange rice side dish.

Parisian Potatoes Recipe
This Parisian potatoes recipe features potatoes and butter or duck fat. Parisian potato recipe.

Parmesan Truffle Fries Recipe
This homemade Parmesan truffled Fries Recipe is a deliciously easy addition to any meal. Truffle fries recipe. How to make your own truffled French fries.

Pear and Red Onion Gratin Recipe
This pear and red onion gratin recipe features a savory mix of seasoned pears and red onions with a cheese and breadcrumb topping. Pear onion gratin recipe.

Petits Pâtés a la Sage Recipe
Miniature cakes of fresh sage - Petits Pâtés a la Sage - are a beautiful, rustic accompaniment to a country dinner of vegetable soup, roasted poultry, and fruit tatin. French side dish with sage.

Potato Cake with Cheese and Bacon Recipe
This potato cake with cheese and bacon recipe features baking potatoes, bacon and Gruyere or Cantal cheese. La truffade.

Potatoes Anna Recipe
This potatoes Anna recipe features potatoes and butter. Pommes Anna.

Poutine Recipe
This classic poutine recipe features homemade fries, cheese curds, and hot beef gravy. Gravy fries with cheese curds.

Red Beans with Wine Recipe
This red beans with wine recipe features kidney beans, onions, bacon, herbs, and red wine. Kidney beans with wine recipe.

Red Cabbage in Wine Recipe
This red cabbage in wine recipe features red cabbage, thyme, onions, and red wine. Red cabbage recipe.

Red Pepper Bean Salad Recipe
This beautiful red pepper bean salad recipe embodies the flavors of a rural French garden. It's easy to toss together and take along for an elegant, healthy treat. French salad with red peppers and beans.

Roasted Asparagus Recipe
This roasted asparagus recipe features fresh asparagus, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Roasted asparagus with balsamic vinegar.

Roasted Cauliflower Recipe
Try this easy roasted cauliflower recipe for a quick side dish. Just toss a few ingredients together and roast for a nutritious meal accompaniment. French roasted cauliflower.

Roasted Garlic and Herb Potato Gratin Recipe
This roasted garlic and herb potato gratin recipe features roasted garlic, herbed crème fraiche, Gouda cheese, and potatoes. Herbed potato gratin recipe.

Roasted Garlic Sunchokes Recipe - Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes Recipe
Roasted Garlic Sunchokes Recipe - Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes Recipe

Roasted Red Peppers Recipe
This roasted red peppers recipe features bell peppers, olive oil, garlic, and thyme. Roasted red peppers.

Roasted Sunchokes Recipe
This roasted sunchokes recipe features sunchokes, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roasted Jerusalem artichokes recipe.

Roasted Sage Potatoes Recipe
This roasted sage potatoes recipe is the perfect versatile accent to poultry or roast beef dinners. French side dish with sage and potatoes.

Roasted Sage Potatoes Recipe
This roasted sage potatoes recipe is the perfect versatile accent to poultry or roast beef dinners. French side dish with sage and potatoes.

Saffron Rice Recipe
This saffron rice recipe, featuring powdered saffron, rice, and sautéed onions, is a great side dish from the South of France. Rice with saffron. Riz au saffron.

Sauteed Zucchini with Provencal Herbs Recipe
This sauteed zucchini with Provencal herbs recipe features zucchini and herbes de Provence. Provencal sauteed zucchini.

Sauteed Zucchini with Walnuts Recipe
This sauteed zucchini with walnuts recipe features fresh zucchini, Roquefort cheese, and walnuts. Sauteed zucchini with walnuts.

Savory Sweet Potato Souffl
Try this savory sweet potato souffl recipe for a delicious, elegant side dish. This souffl recipe uses sweet potato puree, Gruyere cheese, and thyme for a fresh flavor. Souffl with sweet potatoes.

Spiced Sweet Potato Soufflé Recipe
This spiced sweet potato soufflé recipe features sweet potatoes, apples, apple cider, maple syrup, and cinnamon.

Spinach Gratin Recipe
This spinach gratin recipe features spinach, onions, cream, and bread crumbs. Spinach au gratin.

Spinach Souffl Recipe
Try this spinach souffl recipe for a delicious, elegant meal. Souffl with spinach.

Tartiflette Recipe
This Tartiflette recipe originated in Savoie in the French Alps. Easy French main dish of potatoes with bacon and Reblochon cheese.

Tomato Tarte Tatin Recipe
This tomato tarte Tatin recipe features plum tomatoes, caramelized red wine vinegar, and herbs. Individual tomato tarte Tatin.

Truffle Fries Recipe
This homemade truffled Fries Recipe is a deliciously easy addition to any meal. Truffle fries recipe. How to make your own truffled French fries.

Warm Potato Salad Recipe
This warm potato salad recipe, featuring a white wine and shallot dressing, is an easy to make, versatile side dish for many kinds of meals. French potato salad.

Watermelon with Toasted Fennel Salt Recipe
Fennel seeds from France combine with fresh watermelon for a taste of Martinique in this unique French Caribbean side dish, watermelon with fennel salt. French side dish with watermelon and fennel salt.

White Beans in Wine Recipe
This white beans in wine recipe features white kidney beans, onions, bacon, herbs, and white wine. Cannellini beans in wine recipe.

Winter Squash Puree Recipe
This winter squash puree recipe features the delicate, slightly sweet flavor of winter squash accented by a hint of garlic and a touch of cream. French side dish with winter squash.

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