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Cranberry Recipes

Cranberry Recipes


With all the sweet, warm flavors of fall desserts, what could be a better complement than fresh, tangy cranberries? Infuse some French panache into your seasonal cooking with these delicious cranberry recipes. This recipe collection makes use of both fresh and dried cranberries, so you can pick and choose according to your personal preference or what's on the pantry shelf.

Cranberry Brie Crepes Recipe

Seth Woodworth
This cranberry brie crepes recipe, both savory and sweet, is delicious year round, but it is particularly irresistible after big holiday meals. Refreshing, tangy cranberry sauce combines with creamy, flavorful melted Brie cheese to make a perfect appetizer or light dinner. Adding succulent pieces of roasted turkey or chicken makes a marvelous addition to this already scrumptious dish.

Brie Stuffed Pain Perdu with Cranberry Cherry Sauce Recipe

John Herschell
Classic pain perdu, widely known as French toast, is an easy preparation of thickly sliced bread soaked in a sweetened, vanilla-scented custard mixture and then fried in butter to golden perfection. Many variations of stuffed lost bread, another of its names, abound, but this Brie stuffed pain perdu with cranberry cherry sauce recipe takes the breakfast specialty to a whole new level. Nutty, savory melted Brie both fills and tops the delicately butter-crisped bread, and is dressed up even further with sweet cherry berry sauce. This dish is a must-have for special occasions!

Spiced Apple Cider Sorbet Recipe

Flickr user puamelia
This spiced apple cider sorbet recipe is icy-cold and full of warmth, all at once. Perfect for an after-dinner sweet on a chilly evening, this cider sorbet is incredibly easy to make. Use store-bought apple cider and spiced apple butter for ease year-round, but be sure to spring for the farm-stand ingredients when they are in season!

Cherry Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Flickr user veganbakingnet
This easy cherry cranberry sauce recipe has a wonderfully fresh and vivid berry flavor. Try it warm over roast poultry or duck for a delicious entree. For an easy, healthy breakfast, layer chilled cranberry cherry relish with yogurt or spread it onto multigrain toast.

Cranberry Quatre Quarts Cake Recipe

©Rebecca Franklin, Licensed to About.com
Quatre Quarts translates into “four fourths” and is a traditional French pound cake. Some creative liberties have been taken here with the addition of vanilla and dried cranberries.

Mulled Apple Cider Recipe

©Rebecca Franklin, Licensed to About.com
This mulled apple cider recipe, laced with fresh cranberries, is a great example of a classic, seasonal beverage served in a salon de the, or French tea house. Try it on a chilly day, or just when you're craving a soothing, hot beverage.

Spiced Cranberry Relish Recipe

©Andrew Phelan
Oranges and sweet spices really perk up the already bracing flavor of tart, fresh cranberries in this spiced cranberry relish. Serve it as a refreshing, palate-cleansing side dish or a light dessert to accompany a big meal.
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