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Top 10 Recipes of January 2013

Readers' Favorites


About French Food's readers have a few tried and true favorites, like the French breakfast menu and pain au chocolat, that consistently take the top spots on the most popular recipes list. The recipes on this list are the ones that have been trending this month.

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Chicken Francaise Recipe

Flickr user TheGirlsNY - Creative Commons
This chicken Francaise recipe is the one famously served in French restaurants. It showcases a thick, buttery, lemony sauce with just a hint of something that no one can quite figure out. Leave the secret ingredients to the chefs and make this deliciously rich, nearly addictive, and always impressive at home in your own kitchen.

Oyster Fritters Recipe

©Hajime Nakano
This oyster fritters recipe is limited to locations where fresh oysters are available, but what a treat it is! Naturally salty oyster meat is coated with a savory sparkling wine batter and deep-fried until it turns hot and crispy. The unique coating is flavorful alone, but can be punched up with either a splash of vinegar or a bit of horseradish-lemon garnish. This beignets D’Huitres au vin make a wonderful first course or main course.

Pork Tenderloins in Beer Recipe

Flickr user TheGirlsNY - Creative Commons
This pork tenderloins in beer recipe, traced to Belgian origins, is as well-suited to a casual family supper as it is a more formal dinner party. Tender, oven-roasted pork matches deliciously with a warmly flavored beer sauce. The deep, tangy flavors of the dark beer sauce provide a complex background for a simple side dish like sautéed potatoes.

Venison Stew Recipe

Andy Melton
A hearty meal for cool weather, this venison stew recipe comes together quick and easy. Venison is marinated in an herb- and vegetable-infused stock overnight to add flavor and melt in your mouth texture and then simmered into a quick stew.

Winter Vegetable Ragout Recipe

Flickr user avlxyz
Warm and inviting, this winter vegetable ragout makes the perfect home-style dinner. Serve this simple vegetable stew with a bottle of wine, a loaf of country bread, and a crisp, green salad for a complete meal.

Cinnamon Crème Brulee Recipe

Flickr user Seabamirum - Creative Commons
Warm, aromatic cinnamon and the lightest touch of vanilla give this cinnamon creme brulee recipe its cozy flavor. The mellow, home style flavor of cinnamon melded into the classic, smooth elegance of French custard make this dessert irresistible. Tailor made for special occasion menus featuring rich, cool-weather food, this cinnamon infused creme brulee is even richer when served with caramelized apples.

Remy's King Cake Recipe

Martin Rottler
Remy's king cake recipe is a twist on the original variation of the sweet, yeast-risen cake filled with cream cheese custard typically served at Mardi Gras celebrations. This version has the mildest hint of aromatic spices baked into the dough and a zesty hit of fresh orange flavor in the creamy cheese filling. As tradition dictates, the colorful cake is sprinkled with yellow (or gold, symbolizing power), green (faith), and purple (justice) sugar or frosting.

Spiced Beignets Recipe

Simon Doggett
This easy, spiced beignets recipe makes a delicious, aromatic breakfast for chilly, gray mornings. Add to the comfort food theme, and serve it with a hot mug of cafe au lait for a heartwarming treat.

Brown Sugar Palmiers Recipe

Kristen Taylor - Creative Commons
Delicate layers of flaky puff pastry and caramelized brown sugar combine to make this brown sugar palmiers recipe an ideal addition to special occasion dinner. With only four ingredients to assemble, they bake up fast with impressive results, so they're a fantastic treat for last minute cookies exchanges and drop-in guests.

White Chocolate Souffle Recipe

Smooth and airy, this white chocolate soufflé recipe makes for an impressive special occasion dessert. Red berries and citrus both harmonize with white chocolate, whether in the form of a fresh fruit garnish or a sauce. If you're serving it for a winter holiday, be sure to enhance the soufflé's snowy mountain effect with a generous dusting of confectioners' sugar.

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