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Readers Respond: Country Fare or Haute Cuisine

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What kind of French cooking style best represents France to you? Does a simmering pot of soup au pistou and a country loaf conjure up images of the French countryside? Or is haute cuisine, with numerous courses of foams and infusions, the only way to go?

Classical is the ONLY French cooking

Classical French cooking includes both au provence and haute cuisine. Thus THIS is the ONLY FRENCH I need to know
—Guest amnestylina

Healing with French Food

Hi, I am the author of Healing with Food and I am always giving credit to the French for the balance of tastes and portion size and so many other things. But what means the most to me is the simplicity of French enjoyment. When I was in college I was in Paris and went to the markets and there saw the most beautiful fruits and vegetables in piles so artistic that the Louvre seemed stifling after the visions of beauty in the open air. What I love about French food is that it is LIFE! Viva la France. Sincerely, C A Holmes www.spellbreakerstudios.com
—Guest Country Fare or Haute Cuisine Both

Apples and Oranges

Both styles say "France." Luckily, I don't have to choose. Quality, preparation, care, these are the things that concern me.
—Guest emceemk

I prefer Country Cooking

I prefer country cooking: I was raised on it. I'm learning how to cook at this time, and I always pick something to cook along the everyday line of food. I enjoy watching chef competitions on television. But if I was served that kind of food in a restaurant, I wouldn't know what it is or what to do with it. I would be willing to try Haute cooking for the sake of expanding my horizons. But someone would have to guide me every step of the way what the given plate in front of me is and how to eat it. I enjoy eating at a typical Italian or Chinese Restaurant. But here we're talking about food types way beyond that. For people who want Haute cooking, have at it. Enjoy yourselves. But for me, I need more country-type cooking.

country fare

Give me a very good stew or soups the way my mother used to make in Northern France,not fancy but full of flavors....I have brought this style with me to the USA
—Guest annick

Real french food

I can get "Country Food" from just about any country, but French food to me is the the rich, creamy, cholesterol vein clogging sauces. Anyone can make a stew of some sort, but the fancy, oppulent true "French Food" is the real thing to me and my wife.
—Guest alskep

Country Fare

Just Country Fare for us,just like our GrandMothers made

I want it all, till it gets TOO hard to

Though I have learned much about country and have enjoyed it, I would like to learn some intimidating (but easy?) haute cuisine.


Have just been to my favourite restaurant on the coast for lunch. Soup de Poisson , Blanquette de Veaux and Brie de Meaux, washed down the chilled Provence Rose. Wonderful .....Who need the overbearing Haute Cuisine.
—Guest DonHewitson

Haute Cuisine any day

We go for the Haute Cuisine; that's France for us. Too much beans and cabbage in the country. The bread is wonderful though, along with some perfect cheeses, such as Calvados cheese and, of course, Roquefort.

Regional "Real" Food

First, thank you Rebecca for sharing your expertise and love of good food. Personally, I prefer learning more regional and rustic french cuisine. I think that is the true way to know the heart of the country, in my opinion. Thanks again, Rebecca!
—Guest RhodeIslandRed

I prefer haute

I have been to France recently and saw modern French cuisine first hand. It is in most cases a blend with the fancy part dominating. I personally prefer fine dining to country dining.
—Guest zplav


I really can't fault either approach, but my most preferred of the yin of campagne or the yang of haut cuisine is...either. To wit: just like in the yin yang symbol, the central dot of yin in the yang (FREX screamingly, countryside-fresh ingredients in the molecular gastronomic concoction), and the yang in the yin (a simple salad served on artful dinnerware with great care in the presentation) keep dishes from getting out of balance. I don't like my food to get too carried away with itself towards one extreme or the other. So I fully exploit both.


I agree with the others that country cooking is a perfect blend of France's attitude, ingredients and cooks. However, I do greatly enjoy dressing up and going for a candlelit, multi-course, late-night dinner with my partner.

Both Are Good, But Casual Is Better

Give me a carafe of iced rosé, with a cheese board and fresh fruit, on a picnic table any day. Even better if the table is beside the vineyard!

Country All The Way!

I love classic gratins, stews and breads of all kinds. They remind me of the year I spent working in Limousin. I found haute cuisine to be intimidating in nature, and frankly, the flavor was no more impressive than casual food in France.
—Guest AliJ.

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