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Readers Respond: How Do You Pair Wine With Food?

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Do you adhere strictly to the red wine with meat and white wine with poultry and seafood rule? Or do you shake things up with unique food and wine pairings? Share your favorite combinations and tricks.

Same Style

Red with game and meats (meat must rest after cooking); white with seafood and muscles.
—Guest Quiche

Old School

90% of the wine we drink is French, 5% Italian and 5% German. Beef=red, veal=white or rose, rest=white. I do love my Bourgogne and Champagne wines most.

Basic Rules

We're not very particular about varietals, but we go with red for meat and game, white for seafood and poultry. It takes the guesswork out of it, and we've always enjoyed the results.
—Guest Gina

Changes all the time!

Sometimes I pair white with seafood and red with meat, etc. But sometimes I get a craving for an unusual combination - like serving beef with sparkling rose. I've rarely had an unusual mix that has ruined a meal, but I've had pairings that I wouldn't serve again. Live, learn, and enjoy it all!
—Guest MaryLouB.

No Rules

We have a few wines we really like and we frequently mix and match them with our usual dishes. We get our new ideas for pairing wine and food from the menu at our favorite restaurant!
—Guest Jen

I Follow "The Rule"

I'm not very confident in choosing wine to go with a food, or vice versa. I follow the red with beef, white with all others rule. It takes the guesswork out of it and I enjoy the results.
—Guest MyraG.

A few tips

We don't drink very much wine in our household, but we have our own pairing rules. Lately, we have enjoyed Merlot with beef (ground and roast) and a nice rose with lobster. Barbeque season is about to begin, so I'm trying to find a good wine to go with spicy grilled chicken.

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